Help**** cant link my account

Cannot link my xbox live account with shift
Error keeps saying “this platform ID is associated with another account”. I’m the soul owner of this account.
Can anyone help ?

My too. I cant link my account with Shift either, i get same message. No one has ever played 1 sec on my account except me.

Ever played a shift game with it?

You got to link it first right? So, no.

All I can suggest is filing a ticket with the SHiFT support team here:

(Pinging @MereAtGBX - apparently this is not an isolated incident. Can you make sure whoever needs to know, knows? Thanks!)

Edit: @stealthbullet77 - is the email address associated with your SHiFT account either a hotmail or yahoo one? And do you still have full access/control over that account? (Just wondering about something which may or may not be relevant.). And do you have a currently valid XBL GOLD subscription?

so I’m having the same issue but its with VIP and I might just be understanding this wrong so I signed up for VIP linked my shift account which has my Xbox account linked when I try to link my Xbox account straight to my VIP account it says there’s an issue and signs me out completely and I have to resign.
so the question is because my VIP is hooked to my shift and shift is hooked to Xbox do I not need to hook VIP to Xbox for my rewards and also when I select a reward I don’t get a choice of platform does it send it to all platforms or random

I just relised this was a year later try to find a newer post

I have seen someone describe the exact same issue, but I’m not sure what the resolution was. I would suggest you clear your browser cache and cookies then try again as a first attempt. If you’re using Chrome, I’d also suggest trying a different browser (without any ad or script blockers) and see if that works. Otherwise, your best bet is probably to file a support ticket.

so my only issue and I must not have explained this correct I just want to make sure I get my rewards and since I am able to redeem them do they go thru shift which in turn goes thru Xbox or does it have to go straight thru Xbox from VIP
Because technically if you think about it the reason I cant connect my xbox on one borderlands account (VIP) is because its already associated with another (shift)
oh and I stopped using chrome after it first happened and am using edge at the moment with no ad blockers

Sorry, I have no idea how things are set up behind the scenes. In theory, anything you redeem should show up in your shift account. One thing you can do, however, is check if your SHIFT is linked to XBL:

I suspect they have to go through SHIFT, since negotiating with MS, Sony, and Steam (and now Epic) to link a second system to user accounts seems unlikely and a needless duplication. However, I am not in a position to confirm that. If, when you log in to your XBox, you do not see items that you have redeemed in-game, you’ll need to contact support.

ok another question and this will tell us how it works where do I go in game to redeem those rewards if there it works if not then no

From the main game menu: Extras > SHiFT Code.

You can also redeem codes directly on the shift web site, which is easier for copy-paste.