Help: Can't load Pity's Falls

I am playing Lady Hammerlock the Baroness, and when entering Pity’s Fall the game just gets stuck on the screen load forever.
I have tried everything, loading another of the 4 characters I have played thru, and they can’t enter.
I have cleaned the disc thoroughly.
I cleared the cache from the PS3 system.

This started about 3 weeks ago, so I waited a few weeks for a PS3 update, hoping that might clear up a conflict, and that didn’t work last night. Does this sound like some form of glitch? I’m certain my disc is in proper shape, it’s handled very well. All other areas of the game load well, play well, etc.

No Idea what to do at this point. Any help is appreciated…

If you can, borrow a disk from someone local to you and try it on your system, then try yours on theirs. Disk failures can be due to other reasons than just surface dirt. If you can confirm that both your disk and your PS3 are fine, I’m really not sure what to suggest - a frozen loading screen doesn’t sound like a game-related bug. (There are rumours that clearing the cache on XBox works best if you do it multiple times, so you could also try that. I suspect it’s an urban myth though, like the checkout clerks who wrap your card in a plastic bag to swipe it if it doesn’t work first time…)

well, the load screen doesn’t freeze… it just continues to “spin”

Not sure I could get another disc other than buy one.

Have you contacted Gearbox Support yet? If not, you can use the following link:

Also, is your game disc installed to your main storage device? If not, try installing it.

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