HELP! Can't start guardian breach

Boarderlands 3 update guardian breach. I completed the game and started over inTVHM.
I’m level 57. I’m playing in TVHM Mode. I’m in chapter16 in lower right corner. I play co-op with my girlfriend. My character is Flak with dog. My girlfriend character is siren.
We were playing Cartel when updated yesterday.
Sanctuary III does not give me Minos Prime option to select. I was at keyboard in front at bridge and fast travel station in rear.
Planets Available on drop down list:
The Handsome Jackpot

Forgot to mention, using Xbox one x

Did you select the quest in Tanis’ room first?

No, how do I do that

There’s a crystal on her table

I will look now.

Go into her room and there should be a shard on the back wall with the quest. Then go select the planet.

Is that the room with the boardlands science machine in. I don’t see any crystal.

Went into sirens room with safe. Nothing on walls.

Yea, in Tannis’s room with the science machine, it’s on the table next to the slab you had to use the eridian analyzer on as part of one of the last missions in the story.

It’s a small white-ish crystal, should be glowing a little bit

You need to finish the story again I think…

But, don’t bother… You’ll rage quit after the first mob anyway…


it’s on the table next to the slab you had to use the eridian analyzer on as part of one of the last missions in the story.
I don’t remember doing this. It looks like I didn’t finish the story.

I will work on finishing the story and then see what happens.

Thanks Everyone, for all your help

You can probably just go back to normal and activate mayhem (just m1 should do as you don’t get Uber intrusive crappy modifiers)

That will scale the game to your level (drops and all)

When you load the game tanis will tell you through echo that she found something and you’ll be able to start the takedown.

Again though, it seems GBX yet again ■■■■■■ up scaling (they sure like scaling even if it means they are screwing up left and right)

I activate mayham. I have been playing Cartels on mayham level 4

Are you in TVHM? Then you need to finish the story again first (DLC should be available on sanctuary, takedown on story end)

You can however go Back to your finished story in normal and just enable mayhem (AFAIK there’s no difference between normal mayhem and TVHM mayhem)

But then again, story can be knocked out in a few hours especially in coop

On start screen, mode is TVHM. I will finish story again. I was able to play the last 3 DLC’s with no problems. Don’t think SHIFT was thinking on this DLC. We should be able to knock this out quickly and then start playing Guardian Breach.
Thanks again for the help. At least we know what we need to do.

Yeah, sorry I meant the table. I would try to go back into Normal mode to if it is there. Once the game loads you should hear Tannis say to visit her room.

I think we will try normal mode before starting to finish the game.