[HELP] - Cartels event map bug (Doors do not open)

Hello people,

I was starting to get excited about playing the Cárteis event, when, unfortunately, I came across a kind of bug in which the gates that were supposed to open when all the monsters in that region died, but it doesn’t happen, I already restarted the game, the computer, I went to santuary and nothing. Does anyone know anything? Is it happening to anyone else? Here are some pictures.

PS: My last choice is to restart the missions, but I will only do this if I have no other option.

So - probably a dumb idea. But maybe it will work.

Reboot computer entirely.
Load BL3 & wait for hot fixes to apply.
Turn off Cartel event in main menu.
Enter game. Play other stuff if desired.
Quit to main menu. Turn on Cartel and attempt again.

I’m basically thinking that turning off the cartel event specifically, then turning it back on might reset the map properly.

It didn’t work, the gates are still closed u.u

Sorry man :slightly_frowning_face:. Hope you can get that fixed.

Did you try to verify your files to make sure nothing got corrupted?

I checked, everything worked out there, but nothing in the game Y.Y


Try a different character to see if it is your game or your characters quest that is bugged. Sometimes it will work on another character and that will trigger something when you go back.

Try to hop onto a multi player and see if that will fix it.

Tech support will tell you to uninstall and reinstall the entire game.

Those are the only other ways I can think of.

Hope they help

When I change the game mode (I set Normal), it works again, but when I return to my mode (real Arkfighter) it bugs, it is something that is linked to my character and the missions, I believe that reinstallation will not go work. But thanks, I will try to reinstall, if it doesn’t … the way is to reset the missions u.u

I just got the same yesterday… Not fun at all…
At worst, this is a game breaker… the event is over for me (since we can’t even reset the quest)

Yes =(

Complicated, but I managed to “fix” it, I reset all the missions, that is, I started the missions from 0, and the cartel returned to normal.

I had the same problem with the gates. First it worked fine but now it doesn’t work anymore.