Help choosing a character for second playtrough!

Hi, I just finished my first playtrough with Amara, and I had a ton of fun. Now, my way of playing BL is to finish the NVHM mode with at least two characters first and then decide which one to take up to lvl 50. I’m trying to take a decision with the endgame in mind, and for now I’m really struggling on who to pick. I think that Fl4k will be good for farming due to his crit build but I don’t really like their playstyle. Moze would be super fun (as I’m a sucker for explosions) but I heard that the mech becomes obsolete late game and I don’t really like it. Zane seems like he has a very fast paced playstyle and a lot of intriguing combination of skills, but it seems that for now he relies a bit too much on specific gear to be strong in endgame.
So my question to the players who already tested one or two characters in late game is. Which would should I pick?
Thank you very much!!

(I know Amara is also very strong in endgame but I don’t like phasegrasp and also I could not be bothered to do immediately another playtrough with her even though I love melee characters)

Depends on what you want. I feel like most classes are about equal when it comes to mobbing, at least judging from playing with others. The biggest power spike seems to be with FL4K who just melts bosses. He seems to be most well-rounded. There are very few “ifs and buts” to his skill tree. The rest seems to be about the same level of power. It’s true that the Iron Bear sort of becomes useless, which is a real shame, but most Moze players still build around explosive damage. It’s strong and tanky. So that might be your thing?

My first character was Amara, but I don’t like her endgame all that much. Sure, she’s unkillable but her power spikes are very conditional and you’ll need to completely respec between mobbing and bossing if you want to melt things. I personally use a build which has a bit of both and does okay given any circumstance, but it’s nothing spectacular. Zane is the one I haven’t played yet and not seen too much. He seems to be about the same level as the others bar FL4K and those very specific Amara builds. Looks like a lot of fun to play and I’ve seen videos of fairly generic Zane builds kill bosses just as fast as my Phasezerker mod abusing Amara.

So to me it seems like :

FL4K : crazy DPS, bit squishier. Take this if you like shooting headshots.
Amara : Tanky, melee or elemental damage. You’ve already played this.
Mose : Tanky with splosions. Take this if you want to those things
Zane : Slightly less DPS but a lot of control and utility. Take this if you like having a lot of things going on.