[Help] Choosing Character

Hi, I’m new to game and I am wondering which character should I play as. I played BL 2 as Gaige. The reason why I choose Gaige is:
-it is easier to play(just aim at general direction, plus I have a bad aiming)
-Deathtrap is awesome. When I’m bored I simply switch mode and get on with explode shield on Deathtrap.
-on a plus side, I didn’t really need to bother with slag and swap mechanism on UVHM.

is there any suggestion on which character should I play?
right now the ones that I found interesting are: Jack, Nisha, and Claptrap. Oh and I’m open to any suggestion.

Oh and I plan to play together with either 1-2 friends of mine(not sure what will they choose)

Lastly, please don’t tell me to play sniping. I really suck at sniping ><.


I chose jack for my first build because he can make almost ever weapon good. But clap trap is also really fun.

After a brief consultation with my spreadsheet that randomly picks characters for me, you have rolled Nisha. Conveniently, her action skill aims for you, so there you go.

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Nisha has skills which mimic Close Enough and Nth Degree, an action skill with a built-in aimbot, a d a chance to crit on any hit. If you have aim issues, she’s the definitive solution. I am also very pleased to say that she’s more fun than I thought she’d be. I had concerns that her auto-aim stuff would make it feel as though the player behind the controls couldn’t make much difference, but Showdown is really more of a kickstart tool than anything. Activating it helps get your kill skills rolling, but it has a relatively short duration. That leaves the player with plenty of time to have fun managing targets to keep kill skills up, and that’s a lot of fun.

Would you rather have DT or close enough? If the former, go with Jack. For the latter, go Nisha.

For fairly nice mix of both, go Wilhelm.

Just curious, what part of Willy do you consider to be like Close Enough?

Haven’t played as clappy yet. But both nisha and Jack are amazing and fun. Which ever one you choose you wont be disappointed.

I wasn’t really thinking of Close Enough,more along the lines of Gaige’s in your face style, pets, and shield skills. Buck up is similar to Energize, power fist kind of (barely) mimics melee Gaige, and Wilhelm is also has Wolf and Saint gain more damage the longer they’re out like DT.

Hey thanks for the suggestions, will try nisha/jack followed with claptrap/wilhelm.

To tell the truth I haven’t thought of wilhelm/jack action skill as DT replacement. That’s quite an eye opener

Again thanks for the suggestions!