Help choosing last piece of gear for survivability

Ok I need help on which piece of gear to put in a loadout focused on survivability and reload speed but I’m torn on the last piece. I have Now:

Purple: , +21% reload spd, +7 health regen
Gold: +263 health, +5.23% attack, +25 health for each major enemy kill (10 stacks- lost on death).

I def don’t want to use another gold bc of shard cost, and the only other reload speed I’ve found on a piece of gear as a secondary stat is the shield penetration or recoil reduction, so I think I’d I prefer to use that slot to amp up survival with a purple or blue, but what’s the best choice:

health regen
Shield amount increase
Shield recharge speed
Shield recharge delay

Which of those do you find increases survivability most effectively if you had to choose only one to interact with the gear I already have in place?


Is it a general loadout or one for a certain character?

Some characters can skip shield-rechage delay by augment. Others have health-regen abilities already, which you could buff.
All four geartypes you listed are strong, but some are better for Hero-A and less usefull on hero-B and/or the other way arround.


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I chose easy-to-get Story Mode Legendary items, both are really good for survival purposes and the Alamo-7 even has reload speed!

I prefer an LLC rare +Health item since you technically get 490 extra Health for the price of a Rare as opposed to spending 1800 on the Vampiric Vestment for a conditional and limited +280 max health after killing 10 major enemies.

I’m assuming you’re going for a non-Eldrid loadout. IF you’re going for an Eldrid Loadout, that’s a whole different story.


For most characters, added regen is generally considered the all around best option, especially since you’ll have 14 total regen with your mag. Even better on Eldrid characters.

For squishier folks, +health gear is also good, since it helps prevent them from getting decimated by higher tier skills. Which you already have on the orange, but could get passively on something like an Eldrid Attack Damage gear.

Shields are situationally good. In fights, shields usually go down fast unless the character has an ability to sustain their shield, like Shaurox. Most characters who stack shield capacity do so for amp damage on skills like Deande’s Burst Dash with Calculated Risk. Recharge delay and speed are usually inferior because your shield will be constantly suppressed by enemy fire in most fight, save for certain characters who can keep their shields constantly up even under fire.

This is all extremely generalized though. Characters benefit from highly tailored loadouts that maximize their strengths, so all of the above can easily be wrong on one character and dead on for another. Depending on who this loadout is for, I’d even suggest more damage over survival. You already have a dedicated health item and passive regen, so something that will help your damage might be preferable.

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I’ll keep it short… I’d go with the Blue Health Regen gear that has Health Regen as the secondary stat, gives more regen after surviving for 180 seconds. I feel like health regen makes you really survivable, and makes you able to stay in the field longer. I usually use that gear on squishies (I have it on Orendi and Pendles RN, and I have a max Health Regen loadout for like 3 of my Eldrid characters) and it has worked very well for me.

What has been made apparent to me is that the secondary is 75% of the primary stat, so it’s best to use something like two greens with secondary health than one blue health to achieve not too bad results

This. Doesn’t matter who you’re talking about as long as you do this

Seriously though, who is this for? Reload speed and survivability only really go hand in hand with WF (of those with a shield) in which case his natural level 5 regen makes anything more overkill. Then I’d reccomend increased shield or just attack speed with health epic or uncommon

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I only use 2 greens(uncommons) with secondary Max Health on Eldrid only. Since I can get them flawed for cheaper activation cost (420 shards each).

Non-flawed will cost 714 shards each (for 1428 shards for 420 more health). On a non-eldrid I’d go for Rare LLC/Eldrid Max Health gear to save up a gear slot for something non-Max health related. It’s all about shard economy for me.
I don’t ever use Uncommons that cost 714 shards only the flawed ones for 420.

I never us commons that cost 420 shards, I use 0 cost.

Rare/Epic/Legendary are the only gear I pay full price on. And Epics have to have a particularly gross flawed-stat for me to even consider paying 1050 shards for it.

Hm, most health I think you can stack with gear is 910 I believe (outside of the Pain2Gain/V. Vestment) using a Blue(rare) Max Health and 2 of Uncommon/Epic/Legendary with secondary max health. That’s a lot of Health, especially for squishies and hard-to-hit targets.

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You want the Symbiotic Gauntlet, because the best defense is a devastating offense. No one can hurt you from the spawn room, after all…


The problem being not all of us have the flawed versions we would like, unfortunately.

But yeah, if you can get a piece of gear that has what you want with a flaw that doesn’t affect you … then that’s exactly what you should do. It’s just easier to find a copy with stats you need than a copy with stats you need that ALSO has the flaw you need.

So for instance, do you think it’s better for me to spend 924 shards for a 14 regen, +7 after 180 seconds, or use a free version for just the 14 health and spend the shards on my second piece of gear? The second piece, for a survivability set, would be damage reduction + health regen, so I’ve got the same regen a little earlier (as it costs more, but I don’t have to wait three minutes after activating it for the extra regen,) plus damage reduction on my second piece. At least on Eldrid, I go with the free version as my first piece of gear so I can spend more on my other pieces of gear (and so I’ve got it up before I leave the spawn room.

If I had a flawed version of that regen piece, I’d probably use it. But since I don’t, I have to choose other options.

As a side note, do you think it is worth using the -Reload Speed, +Health Regen, with the flaw of +shield recharge delay on people like Benedict or Ernest? Because while it is cheaper, its not entirely clear if that is better than straight up reload speed for 420, as you’re paying an extra 336 for +regen and +shield delay (420 + 336 = 756.) Plus, you have to go longer without having the reload speed bonus to begin with.

I’m trying to do loadout for multiple character. That second chest piece looks PERFECT but I don’t have it. If I did I would just put that blue u showed (I have it) back in. Where do I get the ALAMO?

Personally, I would go with the following, if you have them.

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This loadout is a little expensive, but if you can keep yourself at full health, you can get the bonus reload speed. You might want to use an item that increases your max shield strength instead of damage reduction depending on which character you are using.


My “maximum regen loadout” is

Veil manipulator(legendary shard generator that adds regen based on shards on hand) you can get it from running the voids edge(I think it’s on advanced"

The blue health regen with more regen after 3 minutes

and a damage reduction with secondary health Regen(legendary is blissbeast skull plate posted above is also found on this message)

Now, i know a legendary shard generator seems idiotic, but that up to 10.5 health regen per second is nice but it can be replaced by a free shard generator

You get the Alamo-7 as a Boss Drop from ISIC in the mission “The Algorithm” in Advance mode.

I was just about to say that.

Another legendary that refuses to drop for me, and i’ll just bet that it makes the chocolate taste terrible.

Thank God that The Algorithm is such an enjoyable mission, or i’d probably snap from the depression!! Ahahahaha! Ahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


First time I got it had the WORST stats ever, farmed the Algorithm like a madman during like the 2nd Lootpocalypse trying to get a perfect Alamo-7 along with a perfect Plasmite Transducer.

ISIC is stingy af. Not as bad as Rendain, but still pretty bad.


ISIC: Ahahaha! I DARE you to say that to my digitally-projected face from within kneecap-breaking distance, fella!

Plasmite transducer was op but it’s terrible now. The % on its special effect needs to be improved. I would also like to see it’s secondary effect reverted to what it originally was. Its now shield recharge delay and it was shield regen per second.

I was sooo happy when I got a max rolled plasmite transducer but when they nerfed it they basically made it useless for a Kelvin.

Ah, Build-Everything-Everywhere Kelvin…those were the days. Epic Shard + -Buildables, Epic -Buildables + Shards (Or the reset switch which I used), Plasmite Transducer…those were the days.

I agree, 5% is absolutely nothing…10%-15% would be worth it. I think it was 25% before the nerf which was a bit silly I must admit.

10% would be fair. 5% is pathetic and 25% was op.

As Kelvin I could get 500 shards for just being in the fray for a few seconds.

Kelvin had so many opinions back then. Giving rid of the “while shield is depleted” thing on Kelvin makes sense because it wasn’t intended to work with him like that but the devs ruined plasmite transducer which only a few characters could take advantage of in the first place.