Help choosing last piece of gear for survivability

For multiple characters I use
Symbiotic Gauntlet 9.1 damage, 210hp, up to 9.1 damage more depending on hp
Sportsman’s Haute-Couture Kevlar 273hp, 204hp with shield depleted
Survivor’s Regrowth Serum 14 hp regen, and 7 hp regen after surviving 180 seconds

That is additional 677hp and 21hp regen, however Sportsman’s Hauge-Counture Kevlar works only for characters with shields, and you need to have hp to survive hit that depletes your shield. There is a legendary that will give you as much health without those limitations, but that would be pricy.

Worth noting, that you also LOSE that extra HP when your shield starts charging as well. So if you leave combat with 204 HP and don’t have >204 HP when your shield starts charging … I’m not sure exactly what that would do.

Maybe I should go test it …

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It brings you down to one health, just tried it out the other day and noticed it

If you have exactly 210 health (or whatever your roll gives) it will bring you down to 0 points of health. Doesn’t kill you though.

Give me a second I think I have a screen shot of it.

Edit: Found it.


Good to know. Wow thats funny.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the responses everyone. I’ll probably be Gear hunting on the next pocalypse

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