Help clarifying usage and issues of 'running on fumes'

While playing with this perk I have noticed a few things and would like clarification about the following:

  1. Only working in certain cases? When I ignite an enemy, and no other shots are fired from IB/cub, I can see that no fuel is being consumed from idle usage. However when shots are fired, and the skill is still active, it still consumes fuel. I have been using this skill mainly with minigun & let off some steam augment. Is this working correctly?

  2. Skill icon being displayed after effect ends? I’ve seen the icon for this skill still being displayed on the hud after the timer for the skill ends. It does not have a ‘diminishing effect’ like the skill icon normally has when the timer is counting down - It remains completely lit up. Going into a menu causes the icon to go away.

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I dont know if it working correctly but that skill only works with Passive fuel consumption. So that how’s working for now.

This is a visual bug, once the buff duration ends you dont get the bonus even if its displayed in your hub or if stay fully lit up the entire time.
The only other skill that ive seen behave this way is Selfless Vengeance but its just a visual bug.

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Thanks for the info!