Help creating a co-op game on Borderlands

Hi, I’m new to the forum so if I’m posting in the wrong place, my apologies. Believe it or not I only recently discovered the brilliance that is Borderlands. I’ve had it years and just hasn’t played it up until a couple of months ago. Absolutely love it, and have since bought the Handsome Collection which I haven’t even started yet as I still game the DLC from the first game to play through yet. I had the G.O.T.Y. of Borderlands on disc but because I wanted to play it on my XB1 I bought it digitally. My brother just bought his first console (XB1) at the ripe old age of 56 and we are now gamesharing and as such, he now has Borderlands as well. This is where my problem is, we’re friends on the XB1 but when I sent him a game invite he didn’t receive it. After a bit of Google I realised I had to send him a different friend request and he had to accept it through XBL . This he did, I started up a new campaign and paused the game and invited him to join me… nothing ?. He just isn’t receiving my game invites. I must admit I’m new to playing co-op games myself having only previously played solo. So can only ask him to look on the XB1 home page and into the menus on the left of that where both our profiles are. He tells me there are no invites. When I send one,I get an acknowledgement that it’s been sent, but nothing happens. Strangely enough, when he pauses the game to try and invite methere is no provision for him to invite friends. It’s just not in his menu. I apologise for the rather long ’ essay’ but I’d really really appreciate any help as to how I can play B.L with my brother. I can invite him to play minecraft and there’s never a problem, it just seems to be on B.L . Thanks in advance .

Just to be clear, are you talking about the original Borderlands game (BL1)?

Hi Vault Hunter , apologies if I didn’t make myself clear and the late reply.
Yes it is the first Borderlands I’m having problems setting a co-op game with. Just to recap as best I can. … I’m sending a game invite from my Xbox one to my brother, I’m getting ’ game invite sent ’ authentication message. And yet he isn’t receiving any such discernable invite. He’s looked all over and there’s just nothing.
I really am desperate to play the game with him, not least because he’s completely new to gaming and doesn’t just need a few pointers on the game, he needs a full schooling on all aspects of playing video games. And there’s only so much you can try and explain over a headset. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Try this: Launch the game, and select the option for an on-line game from the first dialog/menu screen. Use the next in-game screen to send the invite to your brother; don’t start the actual game until he’s in your lobby. (It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I do remember even on 360 you had to do things a certain way. For example, if you wanted someone to join split-screen you had to actually quit your current session and start a split-screen one; they couldn’t just drop in like they can on BL2 or TPS.)

I’ve been trying to get BL1 installed on my XB1, but it’s being a real pain. I have a physical copy of the BL1 GOTY disk set. I put the game disk in, and it claims the game is now installed, but it won’t run it at all. Extremely frustrating…