Help... Crimson armory door is glitched closed!

So while going to farm the crimson armory, my power cut off and when i got back on and went to do it again the door to enter the area (after you kill General Knoxx) was closed. Does anyone know a way to fix it?

Check your missions. Do you have any open relating to the Armory?

Yes its the one where i have to expose the munitions. its completed and i have to go into the armory to turn it in.

When you say completed, does that mean the timer counted down? I’m assuming you mean Loot Larceny is the mission? In which case, just go and see Marcus to hand it in. He will give you another mission, Mop Up, and once you complete that he will give you access to the Armory again

i got the mission from Athena. its the one right before the countdown starts.I had to kill Knoxx then got to the area and expose the stuff before i blew it up. I didnt start the countdown though.

Maybe I’m not understanding you, but if you say it’s marked as completed then the games thinks you did start the countdown? In which case the Armory will be closed until you complete Marcus’ mission. Go to T-Bone Junction. I can’t remember if you have to hand it in to Athena there but check. And after that visit Marcus. If he gives you Mop Up then all is not lost: you just have to complete that mission and you’ll get another shot. If he doesn’t, then I’m not sure what to do I’m afraid

If you’re on Pt.2, I may be able to help you out as I’m part way through Knoxx DLC (rescuing Athena). If it’s Pt.1, let me know what level you are, and I’ll see if I have any character progressed sufficiently to help.

Loot Larceny is a mission that you automatically receive after the mission (Armory Assault) that makes you kill Knoxx and enter the Armory for the first time right on the spot you start the countdown. The door is locked because the game died at the worst possible time and now he can’t actually reach that turn in to actually start Loot Larceny and proceed with the story normally.
That’s how I understood it.

Ah, OK, that makes sense. I did misunderstand. Thanks.

I’ve heard of a glitch where the door shuts but the big bay ones stay open. @OP have you checked that?

I’m having a similar issue. Doing It’s Like Christmas mission. Beat Knox and both doors are shut. Got more enemies to spawn, took care of those and still doors are shut. Also have Loot larceny already completed…Any suggestions?

It’s the result of having both missions open at the same time when you go in to the armoury, unfortunately. Is this Pt.1 or Pt.2? You might be able to clear it by completing the mission in someone else’s game.

Not sure, but would guess pt.2. I can try that