Help defeating The Empyrean Sentinel in UVHM

I’m sure this has been brought up somewhere before but here it goes…

I am currently stuck fighting The Empyrean Sentinel. I have completely lost count of the number of attempts I’ve made, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s over thirty.

I’m currently on Level 65 with a lot of points in Cold Money and a fair bit in The Huntress too. I have an assortment of gear, but I’m finding the most effective weapons are a Level 62 Texas Flayer shotgun, Level 64 Boxxi SMG and a Level 64 Dahl shock Splitter laser. I have some Incendiary Transfusion grenades to try get some health regeneration, but they don’t seem very effective. I’ve played around with a few different shields, currently trying out a Level 64 Kali. I have a Level 62 3DD1.E which seems to be helping. My current class mod is a Level 49 Chronicler of Elpis. I did have a higher level Celestial Baroness which seems to have disappeared from my backpack, probably while I was trying to re-equip it, so getting another is high-priority right now.

So far I’ve found the most effective things to do is to take out the Seraphs (or whatever the flying Guardians are called) first before concentrating on the Sentinel itself, but flying enemies have long been the bane of my gaming existence so it’s probably taking longer to do than it should. The very furthest I’ve gotten is into its health in the third phase, and that was on a dream run. More often than not, I’m getting killed at some point during the first phase. The problem I’m finding is that even if I get Second Wind, I’m usually back in FFYL within a few seconds.

I’ve already ransacked my Level 67 Nisha for gear (who I managed to defeat this boss with at a lower level) and am farming Big-Boss-Kragon-Guy in Serenity’s Waste to see what I can get there. I’m playing on 360, so I can’t hack for all that perfect gear all the playthrough videos seem to suggest. I’ve tried sniping, but accuracy seems to just go out the window when hip-firing so I can’t even hit the guy.

So if anyone can let me know if I’m on the right track strategy-wise or if there’s something I’ve missed, any exploits I can use or tricks I haven’t through of.

I really want to advance with this character, but really this stopped being fun a while ago.

My current Skill Tree:

This I my build for a cryo Aurelia, I’m not sure how much help it will be for you, just thought I’d put it out there

i’d switch out that boxxy for a vibra-pulse and see if that helps staying out of FFYL. once you get to the sentinels larger form, any vladof sniper (shock and/or non-elemental) will be very effective if you have points invested into “i never miss.”

Also you may want to consider a pitchfork since you can land all the pellets once you get to the 2nd stage

I do have a Vibra-Pulse, though it’s quite under-levelled (around 59 I think.) Can it be farmed anywhere?

I did get my hands on a shock Vladof sniper rifle, but found it was useless for hip-shooting. Scoping made me too vulnerable to fliers due to the lack of peripheral vision. I’ll keep an eye out for any others that come along, though.

Where do I get a Pitchfork?

I don’t think it has s designated drop, but you can grind it

If you rescue the Guardians in the side quest in Virago Solitude you get a shield called the Asteroid Belt, which shoots explosive homing meteors. Might help with Aurelia’s skill that shoots the ice darts (Bitter Riposte, I think) when dealing with flying enemies. Or try to find a Laser Disker.

This particular fight is a b**** and a half for Aurelia, but just keep at it and try to learn from your mistakes. Good luck!

I have been curious about that shield. Unfortunately the mission where you get it only unlocks after you defeat the Empyrean Sentinel and finish the story mission.

Has anyone tried using Moxx-Tails? Do they help at all?

I’m pretty sure the mission with the asteroid belt is available before you fight the final boss
Never mind sorry, I Went back a checked, you right

I’m sure Moxxtails are helpful. I like the idea, but something about it feels like cheating so I don’t use them unless I’m going into the Mutator or Holodome (which is never lol)

To each their own, though. I feel like at endgame unless you’re farming legendaries it’s not like you heve better places to spend Moonstones on.

For me at least ten sentinel always posses the biggest challenge to my Aurelia, if you spec down the left tree then the second phase is not too bad, but then basically you’re losing the center and right trees since solo the right one is less powerful and the center one is pure cryo, I mean I love the center tree but even with the skill that compensates against shields you’re still not getting the full effect, and man is that boss fight a lot of shields. I’m not trying to say you can’t do it, you can I’ve done it and countless others have done it but aurellia is probably the hardest character to fight that boss with, but if you have the gear the patience and most importantly the mindset you’ll crush it. Also a longnail will bypass the sheild of the second form, I don’t know how you’d get one without first beating that boss… But maybe someone here or a friend can hook you up

Get any shock maliwan splitter or blaster that you can find. They are immensely powerful on any character, and do wonders at taking down shielded enemies. Any one blue or up should do splendid, although you may want to take a few points out of LC to give the continuous damage bonus time to kick in.

Also, the fire transfusions may be causing you to lose your avalanche stacks, so make sure to keep an eye on that so you don’t lose damage. If you can find a decent replacement in another element, go for shock, explosive, or cryo.

Try to keep enough of the sera guardians alive so you have constant fuel for Frigid touch. It will be your best form of healing (grenades are finite and the trails take a bit of time to get back to you).

For your shield, try the haymaker or a shield of ages. The elemental resistance or giant capacity should help a bit with survivability, and both are pretty easy to get.

If you can, find a decent (preferably purple, but blue could suffice if need be) scav or vladof shock rocket launcher to burst down his shield (I’m assuming getting the badaboom would be a bit tough at the moment).

Aside from that, just make sure you don’t shoot at him when he spins his stupid staff, and the lasers should eat through him quickly enough.

I don’t k ow how you feel a bout this but if you take a break from the main campaign and start the claptastic voyage you can get morq a strong legendary adaptive shield, you only have to progress about halfway through to get it, also the claptastic voyage will give you access to glitch guns which can be very powerful. You may also want to consider using the vibrapulse for healing

I never really considered them before, either. But I’ve already bought all the upgrades from Earl so I’m really only using Monnstones for the Grinder and Moonstone Chests now. But if they help me with this boss fight, it’ll be worth it.

It’s actually the Empyrean Sentinel I’m struggling with. I was having trouble with the regular Sentinel initially, but found using Whiteout against him helped a lot in that fight. Plus he doesn’t seem to twirl his staff as much if you hover around his melee range. Also, I found that Beam lasers are very effective when he twirls his staff because it doesn’t seem like he can deflect it (or maybe the range is too short for it to work.)

Good point about the Incendiary Transfusions - I have alternatives I can use, but I held onto them for the short fuse time.

I have a Tediore Splitter that works okay, especially if I get criticals with multiple beams. 3DD1.E will also give me a boost, plus I have a Prismatic Bulwark though with a fairly low capacity. If I find a decent blaster I will give it a try.

I would actually feel a bit weird jumping into Claptastic Voyage before completing the main mission. It just seems chronologically wrong. I also have the feeling I already grabbed the Morq on a previous playthrough, and I believe it’s a once-per-character thing - Or does it respawn?

I believe it is like the splodger and cutie killer where you can get it once per playthrough, though sometimes there can be aglow cg where the chest is open already, as far as I know the excalibastard is the only gun limits to one per character

This is incorrect. You can only get it once per character. I’ve checked multiple times, the chests are always open if you have already grabbed it.