[HELP] Error extracting .big file

I am trying to decrypt & extract “HW2Ships.big” so I can view the .ship files n’ such and I am having an error occur. I was able to decrypt & extract various .big files before, but my method is not working now.

There error is in the screenshot below, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like you need to run it in compatibility mode (I’d recommend Win7 or XP SP 3). I don’t know if setting the compatibility mode on archive.exe will still run it in compatibility mode from the commandline. Try it, and if it doesn’t work, let me know, and I’ll go into more detail.

Tried multiple compatibility modes, didn’t work.

The weirdest part is that I had already decrypted & extracted 2-3 .big files beforehand.

Try this batch script:

archive %*

Save as “archivecompat.bat”. Run with command “archivecompat [arguments]”.

That, or your dll might have disappeared to somewhere.

That didn’t work either… Where could the .dll have gone?

Perhaps the computer gremlins ate it. (download)

Or if you don’t trust me, you could try uninstalling the Workshop tool from Steam, and then re-installing it.

edit, whoops, wrong one. Updated.

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Haha. Just to clarify, I just place this in the workshop folder right? Also, it downloaded as a .rar, do I just change it to a.dll/save it as a .dll?

Figured I’d ask so I don’t want to mess it up again aha :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll have to extract it using WinRar. I can upload the non-compressed version, but then you’ll have to change the extension.

edit: WinZipped version: http://ajlsunrise33.webs.com/MSVCP70.foobar
Change “.foobar” to “.zip” and extract.

My hosting service somehow recognizes DLL files, even when they don’t have the “.dll” extension, and they want me to pay for the premium ability to upload “.zip” files, but don’t check to see if my file is in a zip format? Odd…

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Awesome, just wanted to be sure. Thanks a lot!

Let me know if that works.


There ya go! :slight_smile: