Help farming slow hand practicable with lightning

Hi, new to borderlands series and i’m having a blast playing it. i play it when i’m at home and on my way to work on my vita.

Been trying to farm a lvl 50 version so i can go through UVHM but so far this week i’ve only found 3, 2 fire and 1 poison. Anyone got 1 to spare or loan or even trade? save me alot of time since i went from 50-51 just farming.

I have 52 axton and 51 maya but i’m having to much fun with maya. Also if anyone wants to game coop through story or dlc add me up on PSN. most my friends are playing division.

i got a spare slow hand for ya. send a friend request. my psn across from my username.

Lvl 61 commando just started playing online looking for others to play with my tag is caucasian_1989