Help Fighting Wilhelm

(Knighm) #1

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I am coming up to the most difficult part of the game, ie End O’the Line and Wilhelm. This will be about my 10th or 11th fight with Wilhelm and so far I have only got past him once in UVHM and really struggle in TVHM. I am currently at level 38 in TVHM as Gaige. With the forthcoming battle with Wilhelm can you advise would I be better to either: a) use Magic Missile Slag Grenades and then hit him with the Hornet, Teapot and Launcher, or b) use Homing Tesla Grenades then the Hornet and Launchers interspersed with a slag sniper for good effect. Either way Deathtrap will always be deployed.

Or is there a better strategy to follow?

  1. When I deploy Deathtrap the normal red life-bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Lately another smaller green bar has appeared above this. What is this measuring? I presume it is the result of adding Skills to my character (Potent as a Pony?)

(This Is My Other Self) #2

I like to use the Flakker against Wilhelm, with Gaige. A Hornet would also be great. I don’t think this is the most difficult part of the game, but that’s all down to opinion I suppose.

I’m not sure I know what you mean. If you mean Deathtrap has a second bar, it could be due to Sharing is Caring, which gives him a copy of your shield.

Edit: Just noticed you said you’re in TVHM, so a Hornet or Flakker might not be an option. A decent option would be the Teapot, in that case.

Edit 2: If you can get a Harold, i’d recommend using that. I made a short clip of my level 50 Gaige vs Wilhelm.

(Isthiswill) #3

The key think is to get a jump on him before he can regenerate his shields or construct more surveyors to do so.

You won’t need legendaries or red text to do this. Just solid on-level blues would be enough so long as you get a good shock and corrosive weapon combo as those are the two elements you’ll need the most. Also knowing what skills you are using would help as well.

It might be worth your time to do the Clan War missions if they are available, I forget if they come up that early in the game, to get some of those weapons. The Triquerta and Chulain will likely help you out. Another option is to see what you can get from Assassinate the assassins. There are good weapon drops from there.

Transfusion grenades are going to help a lot since Gaige’s health regeneration is at a cost if you’re spec’d into those skills. You either have to stop shooting, or spend anarchy. That being the case it’s better to just go with a transfusion grenade.

Ultimately, unless you score a good rocket launcher and just overwhelm him from the get go, the strategy is to run and gun and never stop moving evasively and wear him down.

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #4

If you haven’t already picked it up from Moxxi, a Bad Touch is a realy good option in this fight. It’s also a great gun to have at this stage, since you’re about to fight a bunch of robots in Overlook. Bad Touch is a one-time-per-character gun, so if you plan on getting it at 72, then don’t pick it up now.

Better than a decent option, I would say.

(Isthiswill) #5

Good suggestions, but I thought the Bad Touch wasn’t available until Sanctuary was in the sky?

As for the Teapot, if someone is struggling with the Wilhelm fight, the last mission of the Best Tea Party Ever will be even harder for them.

The level jump after the Wilhelm fight and return to Sanctuary will render the Bad Touch pretty useless quick.

(This Is My Other Self) #6

You can get a Bad Touch once per character, but you can get it pre-Outwash. What I normally do is bring in a second controller to get me one on characters that have already got one.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #7


Why not a Hornet? Go farm Knuckledragger and come right back?

Having gone back to toy with him during an experiment to confirm or deny the rumor that he can summon a Constructor, I sat in the ring with him for, what, half an hour just dodging his attacks and killing spawned Loaders to see if he’d pop a Constructor. Once you get a bead on his few attack types, keeping your distance while not standing still works incredibly well.


I’ve never had an issue with Wilhelm although many people seem to.

The key is grenades : all of them!

I’ve used Contraband Skyrockets and Teslas. Slag with a gun so you can reliably apply it, then any high rate of fire gun.

(Isthiswill) #9

In TVHM the level would be too low since it doesn’t scale until after you beat finish TVHM. You’ll need something on level to pull the fight off.

(This Is My Other Self) #10

Simply put, it’ll be underlevelled and it makes more sense to not leave the map and get a Teapot instead.

Didn’t scroll down but it seems @Isthiswill beat me to it :slight_smile:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #11

Ah yes… been so long since I left UVHM that I forgot drops don’t level.



I’m almost certain that earning both Good Touch and Bad Touch doesn’t require Sanctuary being on air. I think that Moxxi can give you the two weapons since you arrive to Sanctuary, and also can give you a second Bad Touch after completing the principal mission “A Dam Fine Rescue”.

In co-op mode is better. Each time you enter Sanctuary you can earn them if you tip enough, but also this feature has bugs sometimes.

Please, anyone correct me if I’m wrong!

(This Is My Other Self) #13

It’s true you can get them before Sanctuary is flying, it is untrue that you can get more than one Bad Touch per character (there are ways around this though).

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #14

The main reason why people rarely have any of these guns before Sanctuary goes airborne, is because you don’t have enough cash for tipping. They are, however, available as soon as you reach Sanctuary.

(I'm not a real doctor) #15

is this a joke? lots more bits in the game harder than this

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #16

Then, why don’t you tell us which parts of the game that YOU think are hard. Oh, wait… You already did!

I don’t recall anyone making remarks such as yours when you had similar problems. Keep in mind that not everyone here is an experienced player, and therefore in need of some friendly advice every now and then.

(Jsilvers) #17

If you have magic missiles, and teapot… Im not sure why its so hard for you. Keep his surveyors destroyed and he will fall easily.

(Jsilvers) #18

Not in TVHM and solo. The cave is a funnel and its pretty easy to pick them off as they enter, plus Deathtrap will take out most of them anyway.

(I'm not a real doctor) #19

Ok good point

Yes I suppose he said he is Gauge and if he keeps getting killed then it’s a given he will have low anarchy stack facing Wilhelm

@knighm the truth is it is very easy with Gauge. You’re gonna have to warp out of there, stock up on ammo (rockets) and fight your way through Tundra Express again sorry. But make sure you got around 100 at least stacks for when you reach him again, should be cake!

(Isthiswill) #20

I’d say it depends on whether they are under-leveled with their character or gear. I took the original poster mentioning having a hard time with Wilhelm as an indicator of how well geared and leveled they are. If Wilhelm is a problem then the Bad Ass Goliaths, Juggernauts, and other Bad Asses in multiple numbers would be a challenge to keep from destroying the generator.