Help finding online manual

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I just got the game and the abbreviated manual that’s included says there’s a more detailed manual available online at I’ve done everything I could think of and I can’t find any manuals anywhere on the site. My PS3 is not hooked up to the internet and there is a section on the main page that says “get connected” that has a blank area displayed. Is it possible I have to have my console hooked up to access the manual? Not sure why they would set it up that way, but I don’t know what else could be going on. I’ve played the first 2 games and these games aren’t overly complex to play or anything, but it’s been awhile and they do say there’s “even more detailed info on how to play” in their online manual. Which I can’t find. Any help?

[Also, not a huge deal, but I tried to upload an avatar and it said the file type wasn’t acceptable and it listed the acceptable file types, one of which was the file type I was trying to upload (a non-animated .gif). I mostly just joined to get an answer to my first question, so, like I said, not a big deal. Just weird.]

I have never seen an on-line manual for any Borderlands game, although it should be noted I’m on 360 not PS3. What was it you wanted to know?

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I tend to run into you a lot in here. I just wanted to point out the obvious. You are very helpful @VaultHunter101

You are a credit to the community, imo. :acmaffirmative:

Honestly you have an account for what I’d consider the best manual for the borderlands games.

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Well, there wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to know, just trying to be as well informed as possible. If I run into any problems, I guess I can always ask here. But, yeah, the manual that came with it says the online one has “way more knowledge-y goodness than we could ever stuff into this one, since paper is expensive”. Kind of peaked my curiosity. Thanks for the reply!

You got me curious, so I pulled all three games and took a look in the manuals.

  • BL1 GOTY has a pretty extensive manual covering controls, characterts, enemies, and instructions for installing and playing all four DLCs. It also has full credits for the devs, music, and voice actors.
  • BL2 has a shorter version of the same thing, in type that’s about half the size, and a link to which, surprisingly enough, still works! It’s the pdf of the equivalent to the BL1 manual described above.
  • TPS you’ve already mentioned. Presumably, the pdf was intended to go on there, but either never made it or got removed? The BL2 manual isn’t under it’s game section on this site either.

Paging @JoeKGBX, Joe to the white courtesy thread please! Missing manual for TPS?

Yeah, the BL1 GOTY paper manual is pretty substantial (especially considering most games don’t have one at all these days). It came with a cool fold out map/poster thing, too.

Also, I did a site-specific search of (if anyone’s unaware, you can limit search results to a site of your choosing by including “site:followed by the address”, in this case, “” along with your search terms. I still couldn’t find the manual, but I did get results for pages for each character showing their skill trees, but there’s no way you would find those pages navigating the site directly (at least I couldn’t). Maybe the manual’s actually there but there’s no way to get to it. Weird. And I guess the y2kgames address with the BL2 manual you linked and the borderlandsthegame that was listed in the TPS paper manual are the same site? All of the stuff at the bottom of the pages are identical. Anyway, thanks again for your interest in this. It’s probably more about curiosity than actually thinking I might be missing out on specifics of gameplay for me now.

Having fun with the game so far. The jumping and oxygen mechanics are definitely different. I pretty much hate “timed” missions (I’d rather be free to explore) and I actually quit playing Metro: Last Light because I hated the gas mask mechanic (which is pretty similar to the Oz Kit thing). I knew about this going in, but I just couldn’t not play a BL game considering I enjoyed the first 2 so much. We’ll see!