Help! Flawless casual Ravager :(

Does anyone have one with 9 rounds, 3 second reload, 339,000+ power, and Casual? it would be REALLY appreciated! Thank you guys! i have a ton of random op8 legends.

Possibly, have to check the stats

That wohld be amazing!!!

I thought you were on PC? If I had known you were on PS3 I wouldn’t have looked for a Ravager for you. :dukefp:

Sorry about that, Gulfwulf :frowning: this weapon sems harder to get than any legendary.

Is it ever the TORGUE vending machines??

Yes it is, but it’s fairly rare.

And getting the right parts are even rarer. Man, i am starting to think no one uses this thing.

I looked and have a juicy ravager, TORGUE barrel, tediore grip, Jakobs stock, Hyperion sight with the accessory on the side…level 72 though…

Any idea what those stats were?

Try plugging those into the gear calculator. Even if the damage is restricted to Lv50 (IIRC), the rest of it should work.

B2 Gear Calculator:

Okay, I plugged them in, and got these:
Like I said, the damage is restricted to Lv50, but assuming the others are correct…

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I actually found a flawless Juicy Ravager while farming Torgue machines but the perfectionist in me pase
sed it up. Still looking for a flawless Casual one with 339,000+ damage and 9 rounds :frowning: