Help flickering textures xbox one x

I recently bought a xbox one x and handsome collection ive noticed while playing especially when using a sniper the textures in the distance on buildings,mountains etc… will flicker the textures just keeps flashing i googled it apperently its called Z-Fighting…
Thing is it looks wrong anyone have this on there xbox??
Also i used to have a ps4 and i did not see this there hmm

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I suspect it’s a combination of the draw distance and the higher graphics resolution on the XB1X. Not sure what you could do to minimize this, but certainly drop the support crew a note:

You can also wait for UHD update, it will launch in 4 days.

Im not sure if 4k patch will fix it…
Because its not there on ps4 pro version and pro is almost like the X…
Also the flickering looks wrong its like 2 textures trying to overlap eachother causing it to flicker bad when i snipe lots of things in distance will flicker buildings textures too

Here is a picture of z-fighting i see this in bl2 on buildings,terrain in distance etc…

I posted a picture…
Kinda concerned heh


I mean, I see the same thing on rare occasions on an original XB1. I think it’s likely just an edge condition in the graphics pipeline? You can file it as a bug report using the link I provided above. Given this is on XBox and not PC, though, it’s not like there are a number of user-accessible graphics settings that can be tweaked in an attempt to eliminate the problem.

Yea its present on all xbox versions BUT the weird thing is none of these are on the ps4 version,i came from a ps4 pro i sold it to get an X but still why isnt it there on sonys system? Weird i wish it would be fixed cause its so ugly its like you have wrong drivers or something lol

I also get this flickering on Xbox One X with the latest UHD patch. Happens a lot in that early robot-filled that has the reflective windows. I also notice textures flickering in some indoor areas, like Bloodshot Stronghold.