Help for a zer0 n00b xD

Yep. I told Krieg “go take a vacation, sell meat bikes or do what you want to do”. He answered me “NIPPLE SALADS”. I took that as a “yes”.

I started a zer0 which I managed to get to 72, took some stuff from my mules, and TADA. 72 zer0. I don’t know absolutely nothing about this guy and I want some help to get a nice build able to one-shot enemies at lv72.
Sniper focused.



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If you are going full sniper, I would move the points in two fang to OSOK. Two-fang is a waste of ammo with this setup. I would also move 4 points from precision to killer. Since your using a shot com that already boosts it past 5, the accuracy may be overkill, and killer is useful for added crit and reload. You might also consider getting Grim and potentially followthrough for the defensive buffs.

Granted, I am not currently running a full sniper, but, one of the builds I am going for is

With a low level leg sniper, and before that a low level (51) One Shot Sniper. The boost to OSOK is nice, and if you are going to be going full sniper. I’m using this for a jakobs sniper/shotgun combo, but it may lend itself to a full sniper build well with a little reconfiguring. I didnt go for velocity in mine because of the pimpernel use I plan on doing as well. The low level sniper coms are to mitigate the shield loss, grim for added survivability, and followthrough for the speed bonus more than anything else.

Take this all with a grain though, as I am no expert on Zer0

I plan on running something like this for my Sniper Zer0 once he reaches 72

It’s a bit glassy (which imo is less of an issue since you can abuse range to limit damage taken), but has really good damage output. Kunai+Death Mark is a must imo for the multiplicative dmg amplification, pop Decepti0n, mark 5 baddies, and line up the shot on the tankiest/most dangerous one first, fire just before deception ends for maximum damage, cleanup his allies that you tagged before Death Mark’s 8 seconds are up, rinse repeat.

If you’re really going to just stick with sniper rifles and use them accordingly, consider something like this:

You want a lot of points in Killer, because after you gank someone, this will bring 0ne Sh0t, 0ne Kill back on deck as fast as possible (bonus points for dropping consecutive enemies with that kill skill live too).

Precisi0n and 0ptics don’t need that many points (especially if they’re being buffed by a COM) unless you’re using a sketchy weapon at a very long distance… like maximum-Godfinger-damage-with-Vel0city distance. Not that there’s anything wrong with this (I do it on occasion), but try it without those points and see what you think.

Vel0city, unless you’re using the Godfinger, is worth maxing out (especially for the long-distance shots you appear to be going for). Much less leading of moving targets with bonuses to base and critical damage? What’s not to like?

I don’t use At 0ne with the Gun because I rarely ever hip fire (I’m always scoped), but I left a point in there for the reload speed buff. The extra round isn’t generally worth it because you want to be reloading after every shot for the 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill buff.

As was mentioned above, if you’re only using sniper rifles, I’d skip Tw0 Fang.

I have points here in Killing Bl0w, and Grim to get to Execute. Inevitably, enemies will rush you, and there’s nothing like having Killing Bl0w and Execute on deck to dispatch enemies that get in your face. Grim’s shield and cooldown buff is just my favorite skill on the way down. Remember that if your Execute doesn’t kill the enemy, they will be stunned with their head down (for humans anyway) right in front of you for a free shot with your sniper rifle.

Have you rolled with Critical Ascensi0n yet? It takes some getting used to if you’re going to try to actively maintain a stack of over a dozen without just letting it happen by luck. It adds up fast though, so I’d say it’s still worth it.

I don’t see any Jakobs weapons in there (although one of them looks like a Muckamuck)? I figured I’d see a Pimpernel and a couple of Sniders (and I’m happy to see the Morningstar), but Zer0 can rock the Buffalo or Elephant gun. Fun fact: with the Buffalo, the crosshairs appear when you go into Decepti0n, and while the zoom is no ball of fire, that gun is very accurate. With the crosshairs available, during Decepti0n, it’s a beast.

Class Mod
For the one-shot style you want to use, maxing out 0S0K is essential. Farming a Legendary Sniper class mod will be worth the time spent.

In the absence of a Legendary Sniper COM, you can use a One-Shot Sniper or Deadly Sniper. If you really want the boost to Precisi0n, look for a purple Tranquil Sniper mod.

Sniders are among the best, but a lot of people prefer a Muckamuck or Hawkeye for one-shotting. If I were to use sniper rifles in every slot:

Slot 1: Slag Pimpernel
Slot 2: Skookum Muckamuck
Slot 3: Fire Lyuda
Slot 4: Corrosive Pitchfork

The Blockade is well-known top gear, and will give you the protection needed to line up some good shots under fire, but you could also try a purple-rarity amp shield with a low recharge delay (two seconds or less).

A good purple amp shield like that will give you a nice damage boost and still provide decent defense (unlike the Bee, which is obviously not a defensive shield at all).