Help for Crawmerax and Underdome

Who wants to play co-op and get the trophies, feel free to add me: MattFenrir

I play with Mordecai lvl 61 but I don’t have headphones =/

Hey dude can you farm craw with me so I can level up and i will give you a legendary that is your level and I will kill him for you find me on psn: SFChiefkill (I can only play on weekends btw)

Oh, thank you for the help, but I finally defeated him and did 100%!

If you want to level up, add me and we’ll play together on wekeend as you suggested.

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Is there any chance someone could help me kill Crawmerax?I just want the Trophy,nothing else (im only 51,so im asking here).
Would be really nice!

yeah ill help friday?