Help for people that don't understand borderlands fully!

so ive read post after post complaint after complaint and endless trolling of ppl who seem like they like the game but struggle with it in numerous ways. ive offered help or advice for it to fall short most time i have also had my far share of git good comments as well…so i decided to make a thread that i would like 4 ppl to be supportive an helpful to ppl that dont fully understand the workings of a borderlands game with the release of bl3 this is a few ppls first bl game an it shows sadly that or they played bl2 cause it was free for a month an just looked up best gear an went from there well u can look up gear for bl3 but its prolly gonna get adjusted cause its a game early in its life cycle…so the wonderful bl community that you are help ppl understand why this game series is the s***. an help them git good by understanding how stuff works…thank you…
i would be a Hippocrit if i didnt give a tip myself so here is my tip…
make a build that synergizes with ur play style…


Some tips:

  1. Read about the characters and find one that have a build to your liking. Also remember that you don’t have to play the character to 50, you change if you do not like it him/her/it.
  2. You are supposed to not understand everything, so learning by doing is a keyword here.
  3. Check for any guides out there. There is a high chance someone already have a guide for the problem you are encountering.
  4. Tons of gun damage is nice, but do not forget to get a good shield/artifact and supportive stats. Good shield/regen will help you a lot on the way.
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this could backfire tho…but he is right well said man…also not everyone plays the same so an op build for some may not work 4 you…

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything in the game. We’re more than happy to chat about it.


wish i could give this 2 likes tbh

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Try the guns you get in different settings, sometimes it looks bad but the special effect is what makes it good( looking at you companion, among others)

Blue or purple does not mean bad, try it.

Learn the enemies, they all have different mechanics.

Learn to read the batrlefield, get them rocket launchers, flying bombers, nogs

Find a build that is FUN for YOU, meta doesnt mean ■■■■ when its boring


well said man to add to this …
most legendary’s are s*** dont get pulled in by the gold or status of the item…item score is a big help ive found that any item with a score of 530 or higher…i viable in endgame.

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I still use a purple tedior shotgun in rad element anoited gamma burst

purp tedior better than the legendary ones in my opinion.

Yes, there are some good one. I got one you throw and shoot it for more damage on explosion

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