Help! -- Free 2 play Steam community stopped by game breaking glitch

(jackelhog) #1

I was able to play Battleborn free 2 play on Steam a couple months ago.
But now I and others are locked in a endless loading loop of " You are in the Battleborn Queue – You are in group 1, please wait to exit queue".

So Gearbox - if you are going to axe the F2P community, please give us some notice— if this was unintentional, well than you have a glitch that is game breaking.

There is a long stream of complaints on steam - I just had to mention on the “official site”
So if anyone else is experiencing the same issues on steam … make some noise on this thread


(Is this thing on?) #2

It sounds like this is an unintended side effect of changes that were made during the relatively recent server maintenance.

PLEASE file an official support ticket:

If anyone else you know is experiencing the same issue, please pass along the link to them as well.