Help - Full melee Krieg op+

Hi, I’m in need of help.
I recently reached level 72 and I am having difficulty moving to OP levels. Is it possible to use a 100% melee build to complete the DP? I’m not a hellborn build fan. To be honest, I can not even get past the first half of Tannis’ first level 72 mission.

Skills: Build


Conference - Slag (ilvl71),
Rigorous Torpedo (ilvl71) to get my life down to 33%
Rapier (ilvl72) without element (FFYL)
12 Pounder (ILVL72) (FFYL)

Mod: Diesel Sickle - Melee + 43%, 5 Fuel the Blood, 4 Empty the rage, 4 Silence the voices
Grenada: Explosive Fastball - (ilvl69)
Shield: The Rough Rider (ilvl69)
Relic: health 50.4% (ilvl66)

I would really appreciate your help from the community, because I really enjoy playing with Krieg.

My Krieg was more of a Mania/Hellborn build when I did the Peak with him so I can only give you general advice but your build looks solid- I’d only suggest upgrading your gear a bit.

1- Search (or trade) for a L. Sickle or even L. Reaper com to help, an explosive relic instead of the health boost (unless it’s a Heart of the Ancients which boosts health and the ammo pool of your favorite weapon)

2-a low level slag Bouncing Betty (or bouncin bitty if it’s Bandit made :slight_smile:) to help keep enemies slagged when you hit RtB

3- since you’re using the RR a Rubi or GN combined with a fast grenade mod like Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning or Fastball will help keep your health up for those times when your AS may be in cool down mode

4- some sort of corrosive weapon or grenade- element matching is a bit different on DP; there’s an entire thread dedicated to it if you want to check it out

Good luck!


YIf you’re unable to find a Legendary COM, a blue Scream Sickle is far better then the Diesel that you have. FtB is not really a pure melee skill. The most useful boost is StV.

Also the threads Carlton mentioned.

You’ll see it’s kind of my pet thing

Of course full melee runs kind of make this less critical.
By the way, I also had to completely respect away from melee for the Peak. In fact, my Peak build is only used on the Peak but I’ve seen a decent YouTube vid with a similar build to yours that was about 50% melee. Search " Krieg - Digistruct Peak OP8 solo". Might help?

The problem with melee builds on the Peak solo is that you have to worry about STV downing you at the worst times, plus you need to be in the face of some very strong bosses. At times, you’d want to go with a Sheriff’s badge which increases your axe toss rate and just hurl some axes at the bosses from range. You’ll probably get through the first few levels ok, but I think it’s better to go with a Bloodlust/Mania setup around the Leg Reaper COM at higher OP levels for digistruct. There was a thread called Sickle vs. Reaper on these forums that has a lot of good info.

I’d upgrade your 12 Pounder to a Badaboom ASAP as well. It’s an easy farm and very powerful. Explosive ones proc Bloodbath too I think. Overall, you could upgrade a lot of your weapons to the standard ultra destructive stuff to help with a gun build (Harold, Ravager, Pimp, Twister, Bekah etc


I will try to improve my equipment. Before trying to increase my OP.
Is Ravager good for use in FFYL?

Oooo. That slow firing rate, reload and bullet speed is just not great for that. You need to pump out DPS so accuracy, fire rate, reload speed ( better to not have to ), base damage and splash are all important. Badaboom FTW. Swordsplosion is great , Kerblaster and Ogre ; Tediore reloads ; even Lady Fist or Bitch to get crits.

Edit: BTW, since you’re going melee heavy, you don’t need to go very far to get gear that will destroy with Krieg. Unkempt Harold from Savage Lee ( Hard prefix is just as good as DP - gasps from others! ) ; Badaboom from King Mong ( the easiest and best is explosive ) ; Kerblaster from Midge Mong ; Baby Maker from Mme V Bartlesby. Let us know if you’re unsure the easiest way to farm them. But Lee is a guaranteed spawn in the Marrowfield.

Surveyors basically require weapons so your slag CC and a Harold will work.

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English is not my native language, so if I made any grammar/spelling errors please ignore them.

I don’t have experience with digistruct peak, but I do have a lot of experience with krieg, even on OP8 (used to play on PS3 but jumped over to PC a few months ago. I have been using a gibbed save for a long time but I’m trying to get Krieg to lvl 72 again). Your build is very solid. The only thing you’ll need to do is to gather lvl 72 gear.
I recommend the following loadout:


  • Slagga (Bullets Go Fasterified prefix)
  • DPUH
  • A shotgun of your choice (I like to use the Twister, but there are a lot of other guns that will work just as good. Some examples would be the Carnage, Ravager, Quad, Butcher and Flakker, though the latter requires some skill to use. Always use the prefix that gives more pallets)
  • Baddaboom (Explosive, Rappid prefix)


  • Rough Rider


  • Storm Front (longbow)


  • Sheriff’s Badge (works really well with the DPUH and it will increase the speed at which you can throw your Buzz Axe)


  • Legendary Sickle for mobbing. The Scream Sickle is just as good in terms of melee damage but the Legendary Sickle also improves your survivability.
  • Flesh Crunch (+6 Strip the Flesh, +5 Taste of Blood) for situations where melee isn’t very effective. A good exaple of this is the fight against OMGWTH at the end of digistruct peak. If you need to use this com use Release the Beast for healing and just throw your Buzz Axe, don’t use regular melee attacks, otherwise you might go down because of STV.

I’ve heard that melee krieg is one of the harder characters to run the peak with. Still, it should be possible.