Help! Game breaking bug. I can’t progress past Dahl Headland

I’m getting stuck on an infinite loading screen when I try to enter New Haven. I’ve tried uninstalling the game, clearing cache, hard rebooting Xbox but nothing is working. I tried joining a friend who had New Haven unlocked already but got the same infinite loading screen. Not sure what else I can do. This is the new GOTY edition.

I am having the same problem too on my Xbox but I can’t even get to Dahl headlands, I even transfered my character from the original to see if I could get past it but I can’t even load him in.

I had almost given up on it but I tried something that worked for me.

I had the game installed on my external hard drive so I deleted it and put it on my internal hard drive and it fixed the problem. Not sure if that’s you’re issue but I hope you can get it resolved.

Well it’s already on my internal so maybe I just have to reinstall it again. Glad it worked for you.