Help! Game is stuck and can't progress

I’m stuck on a mission and cannot progress.

After reaching Sanctuary, I’m told to speak with Lilith on the bridge. I go to the bridge, I hear the Calypso Twins talking, but don’t see their hologram. Once they’re done with their lines, Lilith stands there staring up where the hologram should be, and the mission is checked off. However, nothing else happens. No other missions pop up. It’s just stuck in that state.

This happened 4 times during my first play through and I would join someone elses game that was near the same story point as I. Once we completed an objective or two, I could go back into my game and continue on. This time, on TVHM, I join other people’s games, do a couple objectives, load back into my game, and I’m in the same state, on the same mission, unable to progress.

How do I resolve this?

I have the exact same issue! Did you fix it??

So I hope you did the same stupid thing I did. Instead of just deleting or renaming specific videos in the “movies” folder I just renamed the whole folder and those hologram videos are in there so my PC wasn’t able to play the video thus allowing the mission to progress. I just threw all of the intro videos into another folder in the renamed the primary folder back to “movies” and it fixes the problem. Good luck!

Is that how you fixed the problem? Renaming your movies folder, loading, exiting, then renaming it back?

I got a ticket in. I want a fix. Not a workaround.

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