Help get this noticed by Gearbox! HEALER LOVE!

Hi all, first I’m really digging this game! But I think there is a huge room for opportunity that I would like looked in to. In multiplayer I started off as Miko. I was support, healing with some DPS but only as secondary. I played Miko a lot but noticed at the end of all the matches how lacking my score was to everyone else. You see I healed and we won, in part, due to my support. The numbers of kills for everyone on my side, excluding me of course, was a lot higher than the other team. I could even see how much I healed under my personal stats!

The issue being when I looked at scoring I was always the lowest scorer! People would get ranks faster for more kills. I did try to get some crystals but even when I did and bought turrets etc, I still couldn’t out match the people killing players and minions.

Now I read that Gearbox is implementing a match making system based on scoring. Will that include a total healer support role? Or am I going to be stuck with the lower scoring players? I’m pretty sure those higher ranked players want me to stick around!

So this brings me to my topic, can we get some kind of scoring that involves healing? Where is the love for a healer in these matches? I know the guy on the other side of the screen loves my green beam of life! Why not Gearbox?

I stopped playing a healer. I play as Orendi or Boldur. I get a lot more out of the scoring now. Can we safely call this a deterrent for others to play healer in PvP? Perhaps. So please lets get the replies going, try to keep this on top of the discussion and lets see if we can get some notice for the healers out there! Gearbox listens, which I why I’m even attempting to post this. Please support your healers and reply with your thoughts and if you agree.

Thanks all!


Overall the scoring system is a bit lame, and how kills and assists are calculated.

You get 2 score points from kills, and one for an assist. But what counts as a kill? The final blow. Very frustrating when I’ve brought someone down from full health and shield all by myself and then a teammate decides to take the kill! Most times it’s because I’m a melee character and the character simply doesn’t attack fast enough, so the teammate can fit an attack in between my own attacks. And getting a kill myself like that feels super cheap, I really didn’t deserve it, still I got it?

I think this should be changed somehow. Not sure what would be the best route though. Maybe an “Assist counts as kill” system? I don’t know. Feels like the game is taunting me whenever I get a “Damage Dealer” assist.

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That’s a pretty good point. I can’t disagree with you.

It counted much more previously. This is definitely the biggest issue that needs addressed before release. As it sits its a mostly useless columm.

So I’ve been playing Reyna a lot recently and I’m really enjoying it. There are only so many things they could do to make the scoring system better. I don’t think you could make the kills/support points representative of how much damage you did to the enemy, it would end up with a lot of points divided up between players. Its upsetting when people take your kills, but remember the goal is usually not to get kills but to push the enemy out of their lane so you can pressure objectives. Minions, Buildables, kills and supports all help add to your score i believe.

Playing the healer or support in any game is gonna be less exciting and you will usually end up with less points then your carry team mates. Its a very similar feeling in LoL or other esports games like this. But i feel like Gearbox has made the supports very viable and very impactful in the games.

Actually thought about making a post related to this earlier. I think minions should give .1 each, and you should also get points for building things, destroying enemy buildables, hiring thralls, etc.

I love that this game is more about team objectives than just KDA and that score column as it currently stands doesn’t support what the game actually is.

I’m not sure healing itself needs to be added, since if you are healing guys while they are fighting, you can easily gather assists.

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I agree with the minions, but make it either a full point or half point. As i don’t usually see that many minion kills in the game, making them 1/10th of a point would realistically give you very few points. Minion kills are an integral part of the game and are very important to actually winning. I feel like they should be justifiably rewarded for getting minion kills.

Also maybe add a gear that buffs a minion when you are near a group; faster attack, more damage, gives it a minor shield or something along those lines. So that way your support gear feels a little more impactful.

It would have to be very carefully tested as making the minion buff too strong would throw most games into chaos or add to much power to one team.

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Well, I’m not a good player, and I’ve had nearly 100 minion kills in a game. I could see super minions being worth a full point and thralls being worth 2 or something like that.

Kills indeed aren’t the point in the game, but the fact remains that progression in the game is much slower when you don’t get any kills. And from my experience only kills and assists affect your Score. If the game ends in a tie, the winner is decided by which team has the highest overall score. High kill and assist count in that situation is essential.

This is on point, perfectly describes the problem with the scoring currently.


I agree 100%

I tend to find healing isn’t a task that takes 100% of my time so I tend to roam about helping to upgrade buildables and collect shards in between fights. As long as I don’t stray too far I can jump back in to help rescue players if they need help. I find this helps out a bit. This does require a team that don’t over extend during fights, since that can sometimes be hard to fix even if you are present.

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I dont disagree and I do those things. My point was more about the scoring and rank at the end. If match making will based off scoring that seems to be an issue st least for me.

But other than your team winning the match where do we get our loving from? It isn’t on the score board…

That’s fair. The healers are often the unsung position in games. Sometimes I wonder if people even notice you until the healer isn’t around! :stuck_out_tongue:

I see what you mean about the ranking. I was just thinking of ways to nudge support characters a bit higher up the leaderboard.

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Lol well said!