Help get to OP 8? already OP 4 :D

if you can help i would greatly appreciate it!!! will help out with w.e i can in return game wise lol

Help you out psn rockshox


I´ll be on about now and can help you if you still need help!

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I’ll help if @tesanmartin & @rockshox00 are in!


The PS4 HJC Forum Allstars to the rescue! :acmaffirmative:

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Always :sunglasses:

you will help :smiley: ?

you still willing to help?

Yep if you still need it

Really don’t want to take this topic over, but Im OP6 and cant make it to OP7 if there is anybody willing to help me past OP6 and OP7, It would be fantastic. my PSN is KevinM0311.

Thank you.

Sent you a FR .