Help getting a wedding invitation that actually has an anoint or ase

If anyone has an unneeded wedding invitation with either a rakk anoint or any elemental/crit/damage ase. I have grinded out 5 of them on my own all of them are your standard non anoint/ase, which just boggles my mind the rng for this is so bad

Please send to


I would greatly appreciate it

Any luck yet?

Not so far

I’m afraid the elemental annointments on the Invitation are very, VERY scarce. I have been on the hunt for one with shock for 2 mags with no luck.


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is this still for trade

Would you have any interest in one with the Acc/crit while Barrier active anoint?

I don’t play Zane build with the Barrier so it’s not much use to me. I’d be open to lots of different offers for it.

Still need one?

If anyone have I could also use 100 or 125 ase.
GT Bura10

Yeah if available, I play fl4k so one with rakk ase 100% or rakk 50% crit

I’ve got one with when digi clone swap weapon is reloaded