Help getting from OP 1 to OP 8

Looking for anyone that’s OP 1 and wants to get to OP 8 or anyone who’s a higher OP level and is feeling generous to help me in the OP levels, as I have learned that you simply cannot do them alone.

I’ll do it with you what’s ur gamer tag I’m with two others starting at op4


Really appreciate if I could get involved in this? I’m at OP3 (working towards OP4) and completely stuck solo!!

OP 8 Gunzerker willing to help just send me an invite ShAdOw AsAsSiN7

Added you and invited to game mate! Cheers a bunch!

Im having a connection problem so im going to restart my xbox ill join then

RCCA II Kahuna and me, i’ll join with op 6 siren

Im OP 2 Siren more than happy to help and Lvl together add me MartHardCandy

I’m an OP6 siren and I’m trying to make it to OP8 tonight. Anybody want to team up to try and take it down? I’ve soloed up to this point but I can’t beat Dukinos mom by myself