Help grinding shadowtrap, anyone have his story mission still?

my psn is six_33_99, been after heads from shaf

You don’t need the story mission, as he’s a semi-frequent spawn during the Mutator Arena fights. You should have the “L33t h4X0rz” mission available; it’s fully repeatable. (

Ben grinding for 3 days in the arena, help with that would be fine too, I’m only after a few heads.

Yeh i do

If you do and get a grille of the trickster head for Wilhelm I’ll give you a bunch of legendary’s level 70! I don’t want to reset and heard story mission on uvhm will drop the trickster head. If you need regular heads I have had all those drop when I was farming mutater over 2 weeks trying to get the grille. Let me know.

I’m on ps4