Help, how do I destroy battlecruiser?

I play Kushan and things are fine in multiplayer until players come with a battlecruiser. At that point I have about 3 destroyers which don’t stand a chance against the battlecruiser, they get killed in one in 3 or 4 shots, ridiculous. Any chance? or H1 races simply cant handle it?

If it’s upgraded, then there’s no way other than by being in Soviet Russia

You should be able to get out a heavy cruiser before he completes’his first BC though, unless he’s rushing it, in which case you can hyper jump destroyers on top of his shipyard long before it’s completed.

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I’ve had good luck as Vaygr with bombers. I haven’t tried it yet with HW1 races (I’m still not used to how HWR plays with regard to HW1 races), but it might work.

Historically, I recall HW2 battlecruisers seemed a bit overpowered.

If it’s Hiigaran BC, use bombers to take out the ion cannons. The cruiser will lose most of it’s firepower. If it’s Vaygr battelcruiser, use bombers to take out the engines, then maneuver your fleet to flank the Vayg BC. It can only fire it’s main gun forward, so moving your ships out of it’s firing zone makes it pretty much useless.

Anyhow, bombers. Bread and butter of ruining the day of capitals.


interesting, I didn’t know you could attack specific parts, I now understand why things such as “engine” highlight when you hover your mouse at some pixels from the ship

Attacking the guns of a Battlecruiser ship it’s like when you target subsystems, is more easy with hw2 vs hw2 races because the antisubsystem bomb. the hiigaran cruiser have the dual ion cannon turrets top and bottom, you need to focus on the enemy cruiser, make two groups with x quantity of bombers, example 7 squads of bombers in each group, first group target the top ion cannon turret, the second group target it to damage the second ion cannon turret, once the first group damage enough the top ion cannon, go to the engines. and done the hiigaran ship its useless. but you need to be quick doing the orders since the cruiser is of the ships than always caught the player attention. both for the attacker and the defender.

In case against the vaygr cruiser, you need to do almost the same, create two groups of 7 bombers squads in each group, focus on the enemy ship, the first group target the heavy missile battery than are on top of the vaygr cruiser, the second group go for the engines, once done the ship become useless since cannot move first and second the trinity or large laser cannon on the front cannon aim, only can shoot that gun if some of your capital ships are looking at the front of the cruiser, also be prepare for use some of your capital ships as a decoy for distract the vaygr cruiser.

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You bomb the capital ship subsystems on the shipyard before it’s built, or destroy the shipyard itself.

One tactic is to swarm a bunch of salvage corvettes. Using a few destroyers as a distraction. Once the corvettes have latched it’s completely helpless. My brother defeated me in this way once. ONCE!

it might be difficult to destroy both ion cannon turrets, so when you have destroyed the first one with bombers get your frigates and destroyers shooting from above if you destroyed the top turret or below if you destroyed the bottom turret.

giving move orders while attacking is also important when fighting vaygr cruisers.

Have you not played the campaign at all? Cause the second mission in HW2 has you popping the facilities and engines of a carrier.

I actually found it easier just to destroy the whole thing.

when you’re only facing one with a superior force it could definitely be. However when, like in the campaign, you have to face 6 of em while you only have two it will make the difference between a complete rout and a single destroyer lost.

Taking out the subsystems on any ship makes it a killable target. ^^

You’re asking the wrong question, in any RTS the question isn’t ‘How do I kill x?’ but how do I deal with a player who’s strategy is dependent on ‘x’. In the case of a BC bombers are the hard counter, but if you let your enemy get to BC’s you’re already behind.

First off you need to scout, use probes and scout craft to get eyes on your oponent, NEVER let him build out of your sight if you can help it. The worst thing you can do is let your enemy do what he wants in private.

Second, apply pressure, if he’s getting BC’s out while you’re pumping DD’s that means he rushed the battlecruiser, which means he wasn’t building frigates or strike craft very fast. If you’ve followed the first bit of advice you’ll have eyes on him and you’ll be able to see what he’s doing. The moment that shipyard comes out you know he’s going for the big bad battlecruiser.

Instead of trying to beat him there, attack immediately before the battlecruiser enters the field. One kushan destroyer with frigate and strike craft support will face ■■■■ anything he has on the field if he’s pouring resources into a BC.

Don’t have the fleet for a frontal assault? well first work on your macro game, you’re getting completely outclassed. Second look for his secondary resourcing operation, any good player will be splitting off carriers and mobile refineries and pumping harvesters early for more RUs, a couple of low tier frigates will murder any undefended resourcing operation, or you could send in some strike craft for a raid, either way don’t let him out econ you if you can help it.

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