Help I accidentally declined my weapons

So a friend gave me a legendary weapon through the mail and I accidentally declined it like a dummy head. Is there a way where the gun gets sent back to him and he can send it back to mee

Nope, it’s gone now.

Yea it’s gone

What was it? I’m sure someone probably has an extra

RIP I did that one time for a manufacturer or Moxxi

Makes you wonder why the inspect button is delete on the mail. I’m sure they’ll be more accidental weapon being deleted. I often lost potential Tediore homing MIRVs that way.

This time I came prepare by looking at the gun and understanding gun parts without the need to inspect >_>

What’s wrong with accepting it and then inspecting it all you want while it safely sits in your backpack? Unless you always run with your backpack full…

lol backpack full is the story of my borderlands life, though you’re right I’v made the mistake once adn now I never try to inspect from mail

It already a hassle to accept mailed loot especially when I’m collecting and replacing it for similar better loot. 40 backpack may look big but to me and other hoarders it small

I don’t know but I disliking accepting from mail, then going to inventory, scrolling down to the weapon to inspect