[HELP] I can not download the old .big files from Homeworld Remastered

I tried to occupy the DepotDowloader and follow the video of how to extract the Axatar files from your channel on YouTube. At the moment I try to execute it, the CMD opens but immediately closes, preventing me from continuing with the process.

I know it’s too much to ask or I should not even ask for this, but someone could give me a link to download the file Homeworld2.big where all the ships come from. I just need the remastered textures of three ships …
Higarran attack bomber
Higarran carrier
Higarran Marine Layer corvette
With those three textures I’m satisfied.

Help, I’ve been with this problem for almost three years.

Now that would be an interesting ship! I assume you mean mine layer corvette…

You spent 3 years without asking for help!? The hgn_carrier files are actually on steam - gearbox provided them as example files.

Anyway, here they all are:





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Man, you are amazing you really have taken away an earring to fulfill in my life! now I will be able to print them in 3D. THANKS BRO!

No Problem! Are you sure you don’t need the models as well? I only have you the texture files (images)…

No man, thank you very much. I found in an external post someone who managed to upload all the files of remastered boats but only the textures of these three were missing. Although I have had a problem with the textures in a program called Deep Exploration when I input a texture to the mesh the main part is correct but the sections of the motors or in some cases the bridges and antennas take the texture of the ship and not its corresponding texture.

Unfortunately, 3D editors are not very well used and Deep Exploration for me is very simple

I’m sorry if there are parts of the text that do not have congruence. I am occupying a translator.

Recently I tried to extract the meshes and the textures of the remastered Homeworld models but all the tools that I have not yet worked with this verison of the game. I found a tutorial in YouTube of how to download to previous version to the update of the .BIG files unfortunately I do not know why when I try to do the procedure of the cmd closes immediately without getting anything download.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lq7kQmFQwM]( Extracting Homeworld Remastered 3D Models)

I extracted the old big files before the patch, so I have all the files. Let me know what you need and I can send it to you.