Help i cannot enter the back door

I am currently playing as Mordecai and on play through 1, lvl 31. Every single time I try to enter the back door (which is where I need to go) my Xbox says my disc is unreadable. I have no problems traveling to areas with my lvl 69’s, it seems to just be my Mordecai. Any clue as to why?

Have you tried entering The Back Door with your other characters since this happened with Mord?

I have now, and I can’t get to the back door with brick or Roland and even lilth. Same thing happens whether I fast travel or go there normally. :frowning:

That sounds like a disc problem then. Might be time to pick up a new copy.

Yeah, you are probably right. Well, if I pick a new one up, will my Xbox transfer its save data like bl2 and its goty?

You can use any disc. Your saves will be exactly the same (said the guy on his 2nd BL1 AND BL2 discs)

Edit to clarify that you likely need to replace the game disc, not your XBox hard drive. The saves all go in the same folder, so they should all be there when you launch of a new game disc.

Thanks, I wasn’t going to change my hard drive lol

No probelm, just had a sudden “Wait! What if they thought…” moment. Better safe than sorry!

Well first you gotta use KY.

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Yay, the disc is unreadable glitch. :frowning:

I had this problem with BL2 on 360, and buying a new copy didn’t fix the problem…

I was having this issue with getting into Generally Hospital. Installing the game seemed to fix it, that’s a route you can take if the second disc doesn’t work either.