Help I did not get ps4 theme

I preordered the super deluxe edition for the ps4(digital version) but I did not get the ps4 theme

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I put mine in download queue in the psn. When i log in to my playstation it automatically downloaded.

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I downloaded it from the website can I still get the theme

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Same here… Where is my theme???

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I’ve only pre order digital a couple of times but iiirc the themes are not available until the game releases. Then they are part of the automatic download of the game.

What region, US? If so, you need to contact directly with Sony.

In EU, sadly. We need to wait till launch.

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Where is that information about the EU? The online store just states that you will get a theme…! If you have a link to that info I am curious. Very strange indeed!!

You will get two days before launch of the game, once BL3 will be available for pre-download. Every pre-order bonusses works the same in EU. It’s based on some law difference comparing to US. You can go ask your local PS Store customer support if it’s your first pre-order.

I pre-ordered mine from the PS Store, maybe that’s why the theme automatically downloaded?

This theme is PS4 digital copy exclusive only right now, so…
Your region is US?

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Ahh ok there is the answer then, on a side note I really do dig the theme’s “soundtrack” so to speak its pretty mellow in a Borderlands kinda way.

what about au

I’m not sure, probably the same as EU.