Help. I did not get the Pearl from the DLC storyline

I was going through the story and was on the part where I have to High Five Gaige’s robot after the mission where he was infused with Gideon’s Hart (final boss on the Dahl ship (where Deathtrap comes back to life) . After this quest I was teleported to the Handsome Jackpot planet. Thought that was weird so I teleported back to Xyologous where the only available quests were side missions and the ending Happily Ever After Quest where you use the fireworks.

It seems I skipped the final map where I fight Eleanor because the previous day I joined Matchmaking and got into a group that killed her (got the wedding cutscene and all that).

So basically I queued up for matchmaking, and joined a group that was on the last mission of the DLC. I started the DLC storyline from Sanctuary so I could play through the story but it ended on the map before the final mission and so I couldn’t continue with Claptrap’s quest for the reward.

Has this happened to anyone? I read this is one of the best artifacts and cant be farmed without tinkering with save files…

Super bummed out.

I don’t think this post fits Tech Support so i made a support ticket about this as well.

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Wow thats… That f’d…

So there is no way for me to get this quest reward? It’s supposed to be the strongest artifact according to google.

It’s crazy that there is no way around it? Other than… starting a new character??

True vault hunter mode reset campaign

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So i enable TVHM, redo the Guns Love Tentacle DLC, get the pearl, and then i can go back to Normal mode?

After i get the Pearl from TVHM i can return to Normal mode or am i stuck in TVHM?

WOuldnt Mayhem 10 in TVHM be significantly harder than Mayhem 10 in Normal mode?

I believe ur character is ur character regardless of mode.

You can return to Normal at any time.

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you can switch between normal mode and tvhm anytime you like, as has been mentioned above me.
regarding Mayhem: there is no difference between M10 normal or M10 tvhm as far as I know.
regarding the Pearl: you can also go to the trading posts in this Forum. There are tons of nice people here and I’m sure someone would give one to you.


If you are on PS4 I can give you a spare lvl 57 one…

There is little to no difference with tvhm. It is unfortunately not like bl1 or bl2.

Tvhm is just used to reset the campaign/play it again at higher levels reget qusst rewards at higher levels.

in mayhem mode there is 0 difference. I dont even bother with tvhm because of that.

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Try fast traveling to The Lodge in dlc2 and talk to the creepy bartender guy. You get it after some dialog with him. Gaige will tell you to talk to Claptrap and he gives it to you.

Only differences in TVHM are that damage types are now more effective against respective weaknesses and you’ll run into a lot more badass and annointmented type enemies who drop more loot on average.

These differences disappear as soon as you activate any level of mayhem mode. M1-10 is as difficult on normal as it is on tvhm.

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Yes, the Pearl sometimes does strange things in Coop. While playing Amara, I also didn’t get the Pearl as quest reward. Zane and Moze were OK, though. Either my Amara was too stupid, or my inventory was full, or I accidently sold it. Doesn’t matter, if I need one I switch it from Zane or Moze.