Help i lost my guns

I just got a lotta cool loot from keys and points from watching trailers,linking accounts, etc. and then I did the save bloodwing from scag experiment place and at the end I died from electricity and when I respawned I kept dying before moving a foot away from the respawn point and I lost two thousand cash so I downloaded data but I got the date wrong and downloaded data from yesterday so now I only 800 cash and none of the amazing guns I had and don’t know how to get them back can a dev give me like 4 golden keys,Maggie with stock,a Jacobs striker shotgun,a toothpick, and a fastball or is there any way I can download back to before? I’m on PS4. Borderlands 2.

Moved you to the right spot. Not sure exactly what can be done in your situation as I’m not that familiar with PS4. Your best bet is to ask the support desk for assistance.

the lost wasnt huge since your low level , i would suggest to move on

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I second this notion. Let it go. Live and learn. I overwrote a save file with a perfect OP 10 Rustler’s Orphan Maker and a 5 round mag Creamer and lost like 10 hours of mission progress recently by being a dumbass. Those 2 weapons are the worst dashboard farm in the game. Takes days to get perfect parts on PS4. Plus at OP 10 I would have kept them forever. I wish I could reload my life to get it back but I can’t. I moved on and got “good enough” weapons to replace them. What I found was this: I was ruining my own experience getting caught up on min/maxing gear. I still face roll everything with sub-optimal parts on my guns. Just play the game. You’ll get better loot in no time at all. You’ll also be more careful when using Cross Save in the future lol