Help I need to turn off VOL in game

Having stumbled into those LEGO HW ships, thanks @Cloaked , I got the bug to play some HW2 again. But I have an issue. The last time I was into HW, I was modding. When I play now I can see the VOL labeled in game. I do not remember how to turn this off. I can tell you that turning it off and back on again, DID NOT WORK. I uninstalled and reinstalled and I can still see them. Can someone reminder this old man how to turn this off so I can play the game through again?

Well… as luck would have it, I found a post how to turn if off… thank you Past B8factor for having the wisdom to know FUTURE B8factor would need to know that!

In autoexec.lua:

–function ShowVolumes()
– ShowLevelVolumes(1)
– Rule_Remove(“ShowVolumes”)


Now can I play the game without the urge to want to MOD again? I mean… if I did invest another 1000 hours into a MOD it might be fun to read the 3 reviews that would follow… haha kidding. Why is programming so much fun!


Three reviews? Dang, you’re so lucky!

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