Help,,, I screwed up... but I got a plan..!

Ok… so I got power lvl from 50 to 72…!! I f’ed up…!! you know the story. So heres my plan to get through this. Just need help to make sure its going to work.

Im gunzerker - I did NOT start UVHM yet - I beat the game in TVHM and a good chunk of side missions - Only got crappy lvl50 gears.

  1. I see a build that doesnt even really use a shield, so i prob don’t even need a good shield when I start UVHM right!..?

  2. I need guns, but used all my keys. So im going to farm “TT” so I can just buy a unkempt Harold. Now if I start UVHM am I going to lose all my “TT”…? Hope not!!

  3. Will I lose the Grog Nozzle when i start UVHM…?

  4. hmmm… I think thats all I got… Will do some farming for gears, like legendary class mods… Any suggestions on things I sould do before starting UVHM…?

Any help will be great… Thanks…!!

  1. Not sure - read the details on that build, and specifically the gear being used

  2. Torgue tokens, cash, eridium, etc. are all tied to the character not the playthrough so yes, you can farm the tokens in an easier mode and spend them in UVHM

  3. Yes, since it’s a mission item. If you go into UVHM then go back into whatever mode it was that you picked it up in, it will reappear as long as you don’t complete the mission. However, you can’t use a TVHM grog in UVHM (and vice versa)

  4. There are a bunch of relatively easy to get to red chests you can farm; you can also redeem golden keys.

One piece of advice for getting 72 gear to help when you start UVHM: Go straight into the Torgue DLC and farm the three chests in the Badass Crater that do not involve fighting enemies. The one at the end of a small platforming section near the fast travel, and the two behind the billboards.

thnx guys… i think its going to be alright…!!