Help ... I think I have a bug in my game

Yesterday I made it to level 61 at the Arid Nexus - Badlands. Since then my XP indicator bar has stopped working. When I levelled up the bar stayed empty with no light blue progression indicator. Since then I have done several side missions including Monster Mash part 3, Breaking and Entering, half of Hungry like a Skag and a Snowman run. Also when completing the side missions the gained xp did not register on the bar at the foot of the screen.

This is a disaster when I am so close to getting through UVHM.

Is this a game bug? If so can it be fixed, if not does anyone have contact details for Gearbox Technical support?

Help …


It’s not a bug. That means you don’t have Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 which adds levels 62-72, Digistruct peak, and the OP levels.

Assuming that you do in fact have the UVHU 2 installed, submit a support ticket here:

Thanks so much. When I checked my Steam Account I found that I had the Upgrade Pack 2 but for some reason it wasn’t installed. As soon as it was installed the problem was solved. If I could I would award you a big gold star for your help.

Again many thanks.


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