Help im bad or idk

im useing the anarchy reigns build from here but dont have a lot of its gear and trying to do dragon keep and randomly duke of orc is god and i cant screach him and no im not all u forum people that have every varion on everthing

What level are you? Typically I don’t start worrying about “builds” like the stuff that gets posted here untill max level.

So post your build using this website and give us an idea of the gear you’re working with.

Oh, and we don’t have every variant of everything, we get all the random crap just like everybody, the important part is to know what to look for in that pile.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for your encounter with the Duke of Orc… it took me a fair amount of (expensive) practice to be able to take him out face to face; I think he catches a lot of people off guard on their first few encounters. build

a acid social confreence call a grog a hard harold a shok stoping sand hawk.

leg catalst big boom blaster quaser fire bone storm slagga flacker greed hornet florentine

that all the stuff i have

So I’m going to assume that all your gear is at level, if not that is something that you should work on.That said, assuming decent parts, you have some pretty good stuff there.

Make sure you’re using that slagga/grog/flourentine, you have no built in slag in your spec so that is going to be really important. Due to your spec, I’d stick to the sand hawk or storm as your main weapons, with slag they should do some work. Other than that check out this thread and its associate.

Like Adabiviak said, the duke of orc is a bit of a bitch so keep at it, with practice, you’ll be taking him down no problem.

As a final note, the spec you’re using isn’t what is concidered strictly “optimal” (guys don’t yell at me too much for this) it should work fine, but if you follow all the suggestions in this thread and you’re still haing problems I recomend you concider switching it up, you have some pretty decent gear for other spec’s as well.
If you’re going to go with the L. Catalyst this slight tweak might help- you might even want to try a L. Anarchist as well. Look for a shock Bone of the Ancients as well and farm for seraph crystals to get an Antagonist or try farming the Ancient Dragons with another character to get a Blockade. You might also want to get a Torgue of Jakobs shotgun for her, or maybe even the Heart Breaker. Also, Fibbers- even the slow, arcing crit one- are good with Gaige…

can flourentine just be the main dps weapon or no

Generally the Florentine is used as a slag and shock weapon, meaning, it’s used to apply 3x damage and take shields down. Try to get yourself a good Fibber pistol, that should really help you.

well to the main quest casue dragon keep mods take ■■■■ all for damge

was trying more useing sandhawk and storm nad still geting eating 98x more then my myea

Gaige really shines with Close Enough and multple projectile weapons like Doc’s Quads and Ravagers- the shots from a Sand Hawk work better with Maya because she has skills to hold an enemy in place and to increase bullet speed- IMO you’d be better off with a Good/Bad Touch or any elemental plasma caster…