Help ! im new but too powerfull ps3 maya

i dont know if i should start over
all i want is ppl to play with
i played with a lvl 72 for 5 min and went lvl 5 to 50 oops WAS NOT CHEATING AT ALL
just shot a couple rocks and stuff and ditched the game because my mic didnt work
anywayss ;long story short met someone on here they made me super powerfull told me what to put in my tree and yeah i just want people to play with me and teach me the game so far im at the part where uou start driving the person who made me super powerfulll had me run thru the whole claptrap experience when im sure its nothng i missed except a annoying voice but the story line is what i lost what should i do

im thinkimg of starting a new character and or keeping strong all powerfull maya lol
psn is beyondbe8ty
i play almost other day
im in mountain time
and i have a mic prefer to play with players that have a mic so we can chat :slight_smile:
and im over 18 prefer to only play with ppl over 18

thanks everyone

I assume you’re still in normal mode? Rush through that playthrough and you can start on TVHM then you can take your time to listen to the story, plus at the end of TVHM enemies will start spawning at level 50 and you’ll be able to get gear at your level.


The best advice I can give you, is to start a new Maya. Since you were only at level 5, it’s not a big deal. Rushing through Normal mode (NVHM) and True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM), is also a valid option. However…

Since you’re new to the game, you should take the time to level up a character in order to get a feel for how the character works, and also what to expect from the game. Trying out the various skills, and items is something that is best done in NVHM or TVHM. UVHM (Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode) is very unforgiving, and you may end up with a bad experience if you go there with no previous practice. Best of luck to you!