Help in borderlands 3

Hi guys, i need help in borderlands 3. I buy the game in epic game store and my game os stuttering, the graphics settings is Very low. IMG-20200607-WA0002

My brother play the game an earlier version of my note book in vídeo card NVidia 920m and do not find these problem. Please guys help me to solve it

Couple things to check
Check to make sure you are using DX11
If your laptop has 2 video cards, make sure BL3 is using your Nvidia

Once in the game settings, make sure:
Display - Fullscreen (can also reduce resolution below native size)
Motion blur - OFF
Resolution Scale, if 100% try to decrease to 75% or even 50%
Fog - OFF

Resolution scale os 75%, i use dx 11. How check bl3 use NVidia card?
Thank you for help friend

Use the Nvidia Control Panel and under Manage - Program Settings you can select which video card is used, but only if you have more than one. I was guessing that your laptop has 2 cards, if not then that can’t be the issue.

Images would help here, a lot - if you google “nvidia select preferred graphics processor” you can get a lot more help

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