HELP! In desperate need (borderlands 2)

I am in desperate need for help right now. I tried to download some DLC from my buddy and all things went to hell from there. Before downloaded the DLC everything was fine. The compatibility pack keeps going on the loop where it doesn’t want to install. I’ve tried many many many things to try to get this pack to work. For example, I tried deleting it and redownloading it, I tried to follow gearbox’s thread, and I tried deleting the DLC and the complicity pack then reinstalling the pack and non of those ways worked. If anyone has a solution please let me know. I’m in desperate need. Thank you.

You may have run into licence transfer issues. I’d suggest making sure that all DLC and the comp. pack (CP) are deleted, then clear your system cache (for some reason, doing this three times and restarting in between seems to be more effective). Then sign in, go to your account settings, and choose the “Licence transfer” option. Then launch the game, and download the title update (if necessary) and the CP. At that point, quit and restart the game. Hopefully, that fixes things so you can at least play again.

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So i fully download the CP, click continue and dashboard?

I’d wait until the download is complete, hit B to go back to the start screen, and then dashboard.

Ok thanks for the reply will get back to you

Did everything you said. Still telling me to download it

Will it let you play anyway? Are there any other files in the BL2 folder (besides your save files)?

I can play the game just not online

The only files I have (that aren’t saved character files) is the CP and title update.
Just a question but i have The game BL2 on a different USB. I also have the dlc in the same usb. should i delete the dlc?

Honestly don’t know the answer to that - I always used a large external drive for profiles and games, and just used USB for backup copies of save files. Does your 360 have a separate drive or internal memory storage? If so, is there a BL2 folder on either of those, and does it also contain the CP?

Don’t think so. When i go to storage all i see is hard drive, cloud, my 1st usb and my 2nd usb

and the dlc is where the 2nd usb is

OK, just double check on each storage device to see if there’s a Games & Apps > BL2 folder and, if so, whether there’s any stray compatibility packs in any of them. You should only have one. Honestly not sure what else to suggest - the fix above usually works, but then it’s more common to have the game and saves on the internal hard drive. Having the DLC on a separate USB might be an issue, so you could try removing that (unless that’s where your saves are?) and try another restart.

Doing hat right now. Appreciate all the support. I hope this works

Solute to you sir. Thanks so much <333

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