Help in digistruct please

Hello everyone! I’ve been playing BL since the beginning. I took a break from video games for a while and then got really into defiance on ps3 til they pulled the plug on it, so I bought BL2 and the 2 vault hunter packs. I got to level 72 easily cause I remembered everything about BL2 from years ago. The problem is digistruct peak…I can breeze thru most of it but always end up dying to the four assassins at the end. I’ve been stuck at OP3 for 3 days now and its really killing the fun of the game for me. I can’t afford the other DLC so I can’t use the grog, sandhawk, etc. But I do have some really nice legendaries that still are wrecking enemies, its just that final battle that I’m stuck on. If anyone would like to join and help me that would be awesome, my gt is frostyspiderman. Any help would be much much appreciated, tyvm!

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Are you on XB1, 360, PS4, PC, …?

OK, I’m assuming XBox since you said GT. However, you might want to specify 360, XB1, or XB1 backwards compatible version, since that does make a difference.

Oh I’m sorry, I’m on ps3, I shoulda made that clearer. Its a real challenge finding help. I tried getting friends to help but all my friends came from Defiance and when they shut off our server, all my friends got kinda depressed. On the bright side, I switched some skills around and finally made it to OP4!

OK, moved you to the PS area. Good luck!

Think there was mistake it got moved to tech support lol. Ty.


You can get away with using a slag Rubi which is attainable in the vanilla game(no DLC’s required). That might help paired with a nice Quasar or Storm Front nade. What character are you playing?
You can also try farming a Corrosive Hail AR for Peak runs.

on second thought, it might be easier for you to farm a Bad Touch from Moxxi.

I’m a siren with cataclysm and harmony skill trees. I always keep a good touch/bad touch to my level at all times. They don’t do crap for damage but they heal pretty well. I’ve been using a bee, Harold, corrosive veruc, lyuda, and infinity(for enemies further away). I breeze right thru it but always get killed during the final bosses and its frustrating. I kinda gave up on it until I can farm some better weapons. Trying to find a conference call at my level cause that was wrecking everything up until I hit OP3 lol.

One thing I can recommend for getting second wind in the peak is having a banshee COM with +5 or +6 immolate. You can pair it with the Harrold and do some disgusting damage in FFYL because you will do 100% more damage as fire damage. If you slag the target and get downed or use Scorn to slag a target while in FFYL you can usually obliterate then even if it’s a badass. You can do the same with some E-tech rocker launchers for crazy results.

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Wow I didn’t know you could scorn while in ffyl. Ty for the info!

This might help. It’s certainly gotten others through.

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Ty! I need to get a BoA, I think that’s my problem. I’ve been using a SoA, I need that extra corrosive damage and cooldown increase for sure. Now just gotta farm one! Ty for info guys!

Also a Siren COM is really the best for the Peak. You might want to post your build in case there are some tweaks to be recommended.

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Yep I use leg siren com. Here’s my current setup.

Cataclysm is fine. Some might recommend Blight Phoenix’s points go elsewhere but there’s no need for the Peak.

A minor Motion tweak :

  • take 4 points from Accelerate (a marginal skill at best) and put them into Suspension.

Harmony : do you really need that much healing? Later OP levels get a bit hairy without a Rubi. I understand you’ve got GT/BT. My point is Scorn is really poor on the Peak with the wide open spaces so if you have another slagger (Slagga for example) then getting Quicken and Inertia (and Suspension to a lesser degree) maxed will make your life easier. Quicken with a Bone and the Siren is fantastic.

Also the Bee is a bad shield for tight spaces - especially the Assassins. I hope you have a backup, like an absorb, adaptive, Neogenator, Transformer. The last is an excellent one for shedding surveyor shock attacks.

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I have a neogenator but its level 67, I’ll farm a new one. I use scorn cause its so easy to slag everything on the screen with one touch of a button, plus it was a nightmare farming for a slagga. Tried farming for one for 2 days and never got one so I just gave up on it lol. I think I’ll reset my missions so I can get a rubi at my level. Ty for the advice!

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Make sure you sided with the correct faction to get the Slagga if you’re farming the train station in The Dust - since it’s dropped by Tector & Jimbo Hodunk, that means you will have needed to side with the Zafords during the Clan Wars quest line. Not sure I’d want to farm the Sorcerer’s Daughter for that.

Yup I know, I always kill the hillbillies lol. I switched some points around and got rid of scorn and started using suspension/quicken. Seems to be working pretty well. Ty guys!


I concur. Need some points in Suspension. But over all, the build isn’t bad. One thing that is a tremendous help in the Peak(especially during the Assassins fight) is a Quasar nade. as little fuse time as possible. That will stagger an enemy so you’re not getting hit from all sides at once. Quasar made the difference for me in the Assassin fight. As you get higher, they’ll all spawn at once, so you’ll need a utility to stagger them. low fuse time singularity nade would do if you can’t get a Quasar.


Thats what I’m actually currently farming for but I have horrible luck with varkids. I’ve never even got the boss varkid to spawn lol. I should be ok now though I have a purple singularity for backup in case I get frustrated and give up farming.