[Help] Items for maximum ML stacks

Thinking about making non-explosive support build that can also do high damage and be played solo.

I am looking for items that stack ML well,but have great damage or utility as well (so no Poopdeck)

Thunderfire does both of these well,but I can’t decide what other 3 weapons to use.

Thank you.

Well why not Poopdeck? People forget that to effectively use Maniacal Laughter is actually better to put a DOT on enemy (corrosive or cryo best, because both last around 7-8 seconds), and let em cook for given time. Whats the point of having a strong corrosive / cryo gun which can instagibb an enemy, and therefore prevent you for putting DOT on him to benefit from ML.
The way I use ML, is either Poop on some poor guy and let him cook for 7 seconds, or use low level Pandemic grenades, while I mop up the rest of the mob, stacking 200 stacks in 2-3 seconds.

If you can instagib an enemy,do you really need healing? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am fully aware of the power of Poopdeck ,but I want to try something else,something that stacks ML more naturally (for some reason I always keep forgetting to do those slams :frowning: )

Exactly :).
Anyway, if you dont slam a lot, try Pandemic.

I recently tried Minac’s atonement, not for very long (ran out of ammo just then), but it had no problem getting around 80 stacks in vacuum (so no fire). Also had the pleasure of getting funzerker with it, pretty tasty

Storm Front and Quasars are both very good at stacking ML as well as being high damage grenades. Go for longbow and 0.0 fuse time if you can.

Those 2 are the worse options IMO. Not only those can kill your targets in seconds, but the DOT lasts like 2 seconds.

Those are more lesskilldemnao grenades

Not in my experience. :stuck_out_tongue: Then again, I usually play with two others in UVHM, so enemies don’t drop like flies if you sneeze on them. If they’re too powerful, just swap 'em out for a tesla or cryo grenade.

Tested the minac’s atonement at the shooting range, it gets around 50-80 stacks, average I guess.

80 stacks per clip?

It got up to 80 stacks in around 1 reload, maybe a little less. Didn’t go further than than 90 though

Use a Naught Shield and charge into the fray with an elemental subroutine active.

Most ml abusers don’t like going deep into subroutines