Help! Jimmy Jenkings!

Someone please help, Ihave tried for 8hours but no jimmy jenkings, trying to get platinum and only missing this in bad ass rank.
Tried opportunity, thousand cuts , don´t have doctors orders sidequest anymore…
ps4 gamertag JimlerSWE
HELP me obi-wan kenobi you´re my only hope!

Jimmy is pretty rare…

You could :

  • reset UVHM to get Doctor’s order again.
    Also, as Jimmy is a robot, he will only spawn in Hyperion themed areas, so you can drop Thousand Cuts

He should spawn in hyperion section i thousand cuts the on right before going to the bunker…?

He can spawn anywhere a loot loader can spawn, but the four boxes in Doctor’s Orders are your best bet because you can get up to four guarantee spawns of either LLMs or loaders.

I’ve only seen him on the road to the Bunker (near the constructor, past the gate that Clappy lets you through) and on the left as you enter Opportunity…

I’ve had him jump out of a chest at the landing area right at the top of Thousand Cuts, just above where the second constructor spawns. I’ve also had him jump out of stalker poop in the animal sections of WEP, as well as out of skagg poop in the area between the four boxes building and the next one, and out of lockers by the elevator that takes you down to the observation area.

I found him once while using Zero- he popped out of a locker in either the WEP or Washburn Refinery (can’t remember- just know that I was completely surprised because it was an unusual location to find him…).

x2 in one of the 4 boxes in the WEP.


Washburne Refinery?


Little JJ sure gets around!

I got him in WEP twice in one day last week. Granted, different runs. And he never drops anything good.

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Yeah, he’s mainly just for Challenge purposes for the platinum.