Help killing Terramorphous

Hi, can someone help me defeat Terra? I’m a lvl 62 Siren and I need to defeat him in on normal mode.
Gamertag is: Apartamento 72


normal mode?
i think it is a easy task if you are lvl 62 unless i am missing something information.

but u can still add my GT if still need help. thx

Sorry, people, it was, indeed, very easy. :grin:
I tried when I was lvl 50 and didn’t realize how much better I was now.
Anyway, thx for the help.

I am a level 50 (maybe 51) Axton and I would also appreciate some help on normal mode. I dont know about the tricks or anything and I fought him once but ended up dying after a few minutes. Let me know if you would be willing to help out. Thanks!