Help last boss to op8!

I spent the whole day running digistruct peak and I if one missile from that robot shoot me I instantly die…Is there a way to make a save before that so there is no need to fight over and over all the other guys again…

Get a better shield? I’m pretty sure WTFOMG didn’t one shot me when I was making the runs.

There isn’t a single member here that hasn’t wished for this - except maybe @Handsome_Dad , cuz he’s Peak hardcore.

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It’s probably a disorder of some sort.

OMG can’t one shot you, because of the healthgate mechanic. With a Bee, it would take 2 hits, which can come very close together from rockets. I don’t recommend BeeHawking him with anyone other than a Double Up + Gemini Axton. A stout shield makes it take 3-4 hits, iirc.

I don’t get the trouble with this boss. I just use a Bee and whatever gun du jour. I’ve died only once because I got lazy. It’s those damn Scorches that I have so much trouble with…

Edit : just in case that came off as arrogant, let it be known that I hold the record for Peak deaths - my own death of course. Just not with OMG

No. If you don’t complete the whole run, you have to start over from the beginning.

We might be able to help with some information:

What gear are you using?
What skills have you specced? Fill out the BL 2 skill calculator and post the link it gives you here.
What tactics are you using against OMGWTF? As others have said, one missile won’t kill you because of how the health gate mechanics work (when you’re above 50% health, any single attack will not kill you outright, but a subsequent attack might).

This is the build I had the most success I have tried many more but this works great with my sandhawk and bee shield
As for tactics I run around the building and kite him thats how I killed him on op7 but now I am not able to do that because I keep dying from one rocket.Is there a trick or somewhere to hide and kill him slowly like the saturn 2?

Is using a Bee some sort of rule you set for yourself?

I’d suggest switching the points in Flicker and Foresight- a larger mag size means less reloading, which could help. Also, the Sand Hawk- while a great weapon with the Bee- does have slow projectiles, even accounting for Accelerate. If your having trouble with that combo try another weapon- a DPUH with Sheriff’s Badge, corrosive Lady Fists, Pimpernel, Hail, Kitten-try any or all of them to see if they help…

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No I dont have problem with SandHawk I use it like a sniper and slaughter everything in one burst.Nothing comes close to it in Dps literally nothing…

NO dps otherwise,he has too much hp…I got a purple adaptive and a turtle as well.

Not really…Sandhawk already has huge mag and decent reload speed also I dont need many shots to kill things so I don’t reload in battle.I have tested it.It is a waste of points for me at least in Digistruct peak.

May I ask you one more thing?Is it worth farming the Bee with shock immunity for those annoying surveyors?I dont understand how immunity works tbh…Thanks for being all so helpful it means a lot to me…

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If you’re getting swarmed by surveyors try a The Transformer shield- it’s always grounded and its gimmick is that shock attacks restore it, although the damage from any superbadass surveyor will still eat thru it. It’s a lot easier to come across than a Grounded Bee…


Thanks so much!Helpful as always…

Foresight is a key DPS skill for Maya whereas Flicker is optional.