Help level op4 to op8 maya

I’ve got a maya op4 and I’m not able to get passed op5. Was wondering if anyone could help me with a cpl digi runs. I’ve got multiple op8 characters and was trying to do maya legit but it’s becoming to much

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You’ll need to post your platform - then a mod can get you moved to the right section.


My bad. Xbox 1. Thanks


I can help this weekend if you still need it by then. Should be online about 3:30pm (PST) Friday the 5th.

Moved to the right spot.

Today is the day. Will you be available?

Whats up @getmused I know you from xboxlive. how you been dude? been a while since I’ve seen you post. :grin:

No doubt Kurt! I hadn’t seen you on, so I thought I’d post here on the forums. It’s been a year since we played.

I always keep bl2 downloaded and come back to it when “new” games get stale

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I don’t have gold status currently, so I can’t be of any help unfortunately. But I will be renewing the membership. Just might be till next Friday.

When I renew it, I’ll reach out and see if I can help you get to OP8. :acmaffirmative:

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Sorry BTK I didn’t see your msg. I’m usually on at night, I work sec shift. I believe you’re on the west coast right?

If you still need help whenever you get home I’d be glad to join, long as you don’t mind me using an op8.

I’m on if anyone else is up for some gaming.

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man you’re on early. I plan on renewing my gold status this Friday, FYI. :wink:

Lol yeah I’m on fall break and it’s pouring rain, so VIDEO GAME TIME

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I should be renewing my gold status this evening. not sure if i’ll be able to game tonight. but its wide open after that. So, maybe Saturday? I’m usually on early am and I’m west coast. :wink:

Will be glad to help you if you are on tonight. Xbox GT Los Serpientes. Playing now, feel frew to join me if you are on.

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